Timeline: 1-25 CE



  • A fragment of the Starheart lands in China. It is forged into a lamp.


  • December 18. Gaea, in her guise as the Asgardian Jord, gives birth to a boy, Thor. The son of Odin (990), he is birthed in a special cave carved out by his father located on Midgard (Earth) on the western Scandinavian peninsula.


  • July 23. Loki is born in the Earth-adjacent realm of Jotunheim, one of the nine worlds of the Asgardians. He is the child of Laufey in her female form and Farbauti in his male form.


  • April 8. A Roman ship crashes on the shores of the mystical Island.
  • April 9. The pregnant castaway Claudia meets the mysterious guardian of the Island. The guardian midwifes the birth of her two sons, and she subsequently murders Claudia. She names the twins Jacob and Samuel, and raises them as her own.1



  • The "eleventh" Doctor and River Song visit a planet where they are chased by soldiers. The Doctor uses the weather to help them escape into the TARDIS.2


  • Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar (74) has his Magus cast the Spell of Humility on the Gargoyle race, which results in their clothes turning to stone with them.

The hero Cu Chullainn (19) and the Hound of Ulster (a garbeast) battle the Beansi (1809) in Ireland.
Cu Chullainn splits the Lia Fail (the Stone of Destiny).


  • Gaea leaves her son Thor (10) in the care of his father, Odin (1000). Odin takes him to Asgard, and his wife Frigga (812) adopts him as her own.


  • August 19. Augustus Caesar (77) dies.


  • Jacob (14) and Samuel (14) discover the Roman settlement on the Island. Jacob and Samuel fight, but ultimately Samuel leaves to live with the others.


  • September 26. Joseph (40), Mary's husband and Jesus's father, dies.


  • September 20. Boudicca is born on the island of Great Britain.


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