The Thunderbolts were a team originally gathered as a front for the Masters of Evil. Over time, the villains became true heroes, but the team became a mainstay for villains trying to reform.

Known Members

Character Real Name Notes
Atlas Erik Josten Founding member.
Luke Cage Luke Cage
Citizen V/ Baron Zemo Helmut Zemo Founding member.
Hawkeye Clint Barton
Jolt Hallie Takehama
Mach-I-V Abe Jenkins Founding member.
Meteorite/ Moonstone Karla Sofen Founding member.
Penance Robbie Baldwin
Photon Genis-Vell
Radioactive Man Chen Lu
Songbird Melissa Gold Founding member.
Swordsman Andreas von Strucker
Techno/ Fixer Norbert Ebersol Founding member.
Vantage Dallas Riordan

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