The United Earth Space Probe Agency, also known as Starfleet, was the primary military and exploratory organization of the United Earth government, founded in 2134. After the accession of Earth to the United Federation of Planets, it took a similar role in the Federation's government.

Notable Members

Name Enrollment/Enlistment Date Highest Known Rank Achieved Known Postings
Carol Abramowitz Specialist USS da Vinci
Robert April Commodore USS Tiberius, USS Enterprise
Jonathan Archer September 4, 2136 Commander-in-Chief/Fleet Admiral Enterprise NX-01, Starfleet Command
Arex Na Eth Lieutenant USS Arcadia, USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise-A, USS Trident
Reginald Barclay Lieutenant Commander USS Zhukov, USS Enterprise-D, Jupiter Station, USS Enterprise-E, Starfleet Command, USS Challenger, USS Galen
Julian Bashir Lieutenant Commander Deep Space 9, USS Defiant, USS Defiant-A, Deep Space 9 II
Gilaad ben Zoma September 4, 2324 Captain USS Stargazer, USS Lexington
Sam Bowers Commander USS Budapest, Deep Space 9, USS Defiant-A, USS Aventine
Philip Boyce Commander USS Enterprise
Burgoyne 172 Commander USS Livingston, USS Excalibur, USS Excalibur-A
Michael Burnham Commander USS Shenzhou, USS Discovery
Tricia Cadwallader Lieutenant Commander USS Goddard, USS Stargazer, USS Lexington
Joe Carey Lieutenant USS Voyager
Lance Cartwright Fleet Admiral Starfleet Command
T'Ryssa Chen Lieutenant USS Rhea, USS Enterprise-E
Lori Ciana Vice Admiral Starfleet Command
J.M. Colt Captain USS Enterprise, USS Bozeman, USS Exeter
Domenica Corsi Commander USS Soval, USS Roosevelt, USS da Vinci
Beverly Howard Crusher Captain USS Prague, USS Enterprise-D, Starfleet Medical Command, USS Enterprise-E, Deep Space 9, USS Pasteur
Wesley Crusher Cadet USS Enterprise-D
Elizabeth Cutler Lieutenant Enterprise NX-01, USS Endeavour
Dabisch Lieutenant USS Enterprise
Data September 4, 2341 Lieutenant Commander USS Enterprise-D, USS Enterprise-e
The Doctor USS Voyager, USS Galen
Elizabeth Dehner Specialist USS Enterprise
Kieran Duffy Lieutenant Commander USS Enterprise-D, USS da Vinci
Maxwell Forrest Vice Admiral Starfleet Command
Rachel Garrett Captain USS Argo, USS Carthage, USS Enterprise-C
Han Bo Philippa/ Philippa Georgiou Captain USS Narbonne, USS Defiant, USS Shenzhou
David Gold Captain USS Gettysburg, USS Boudicca, USS Schiarpelli, USS Progress, USS da Vinci
Sonya Gomez Captain USS Enterprise-D, USS Oberth, USS Sentinel, USS da Vinci
Moves-with-Burning-Grace Lieutenant Commander USS Enterprise, USS Lovell
Carter Greyhorse September 4, 2324 Lieutenant (j.g.) USS Stargazer, Starfleet Medical Command
John Harriman Jr. Vice Admiral USS Hunley, USS Enterprise-B, Starfleet Corps of Engineers
Jim Hawkins September 16, 9004 Cadet
Icheb Ensign USS Voyager
Jadzia Idaris Dax Lieutenant Commander Deep Space 9, USS Defiant
Kathryn Janeway Rear Admiral USS Al-Batani, USS Mary Kingsley, Starfleet Command, USS Voyager
Jiterica Ensign USS Goddard, USS Stargazer
Kira Nerys Captain Deep Space 9, USS Defiant-A
James Kirk Rear Admiral USS Republic, USS Farragut, USS Constitution, USS Enterprise, Starfleet Command, USS Enterprise-A
Winona Davis Kirk September 4, 2222 Lieutenant USS Kelvin
K's't'lk Lieutenant Commander USS Enterprise
Lojur Lieutenant Commander USS Excelsior
Shiboline M'Ress Lieutenant Commander USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise-A, USS Einstein, USS Trident
Alynna Nechayev Fleet Admiral Starfleet Intelligence, USS Boudicca, Starfleet Command
Andreas Nikolas Ensign USS Stargazer
Heihachiro Nogura Commander-in-Chief/Fleet Admiral USS Kelvin, Starbase 47, Starfleet Command
Miles O'Brien Chief Petty Officer USS Rutledge, USS Portia, USS Enterprise-D, Deep Space 9, USS Defiant, USS Defiant-A, Starfleet Academy, Deep Space 9 II
Daniel Okagawa Captain USS Helios, USS Lovell, Starbase 11
Owen Paris Vice Admiral USS Al-Batani, Starfleet Command, Starbase 234
Melora Pazlar Lieutenant Commander Deep Space 9, USS Aegrippos, USS Enterprise-E, USS Titan
Jean-Luc Picard Captain USS Stargazer, USS Portia, Starfleet Command, USS Enterprise-D, USS Enterprise-e
Christopher Pike Fleet Captain USS Olympus, USS Aldrin, USS Yorktown, USS Enterprise
Mark Piper Chief Medical Officer USS Enterprise
Katherine Pulaski Commander USS Repulse, USS Enterprise-D, USS Progress
Xin Ra-Havreii Commander Utopia Planitia, USS Titan
Malcolm Reed Captain Starfleet Security, Enterprise NX-01, USS Endeavour, USS Pioneer
Diego Reyes Commodore USS Helios, USS Belleau Wood, USS Dauntless, Starbase 47
Will Riker Rear Admiral USS Pegasus, USS Potemkin, USS Hood, USS Enterprise-D, USS Enterprise-E, USS Titan, Starfleet Command
Kevin Riley Lieutenant Commander USS Enterprise, Starfleet Command
Saavik September 4, 2281 Captain USS Enterprise, USS Grissom, USS Chafee, USS Enterprise-A, USS Armstrong, USS Alliance
Montgomery Scott Captain USS Neptune, USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise-A, USS Sovereign, Starfleet Corps of Engineers, USS Challenger
Irayla Seska Ensign USS Voyager
Phigus Simenon Lieutenant Commander USS Fearless, USS Onjata, USS Stargazer, Starfleet Academy
Lorna Simon Commander USS Enterprise
Ben Sisko Captain USS Okinawa, USS Lexington, USS Saratoga, Deep Space 9, USS Defiant, USS Defiant-A, USS New York, USS Robinson
Soloman Specialist USS da Vinci
Spock Vice Admiral USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise-A, USS Intrepid II
Fabian Stevens Specialist USS Defiant, Deep Space 9, USS da Vinci, USS Musgrave
Demora Sulu Captain USS Enterprise-B, USS Mandela
Simon Tarses Lieutenant USS Enterprise-D, Deep Space 9, USS Defiant-A, USS Aventine
Steven Taylor
Mor glasch Tev Lieutenant Commander USS Madison, USS da Vinci
Ezri Tigan Dax Captain USS Destiny, Deep Space 9, USS Defiant, USS Defiant-A, USS Aventine
Sylvia Tilly Ensign USS Discovery
T'Pol Captain Enterprise NX-01, USS Endeavour
Deanna Troi Commander USS Enterprise-D, USS Enterprise-E, USS Titan
Ian Andrew Troi September 4, 2321 Lieutenant Commander USS Carthage
Charles Tucker III Commander Enterprise NX-01, Columbia NX-02
Tuvok Commander USS Excelsior, USS Wyoming, USS Billings, USS Voyager, USS Titan
José Tyler Commodore USS Tiberius, USS Enterprise
Nyota Uhura Vice Admiral USS Ahriman, USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise-A, USS Intrepid II, Starfleet Intelligence
Una Commodore USS Fortune, USS Enterprise, USS Yorktown
Christine Vale Captain USS Al-Batani, USS O'Keefe, USS Enterprise-E, USS Titan
Valeris Lieutenant USS Bonhomme Richard, USS Enterprise-A
Elias Vaughn September 4, 2292 Captain Starfleet Intelligence, Deep Space 9, USS Defiant-A, USS James T. Kirk
Vigo Lieutenant USS Stargazer
Worf Commander USS Aldrin, USS Enterprise-D, Deep Space 9, USS Defiant, USS Defiant-A, USS Enterprise-e
Tasha Yar Lieutenant USS Victory, USS Enterprise-D
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