Species: Human


Coming from the planet Earth, a world located at a number of temporal/spatial/dimensional/mystical nexus points, humans are one of several species to evolve on that world, despite interference from all manner of alien life. Various offshoots of greater physical or mental ability developed, but none supplanted their parent species. Humans came to dominate their world, with some humans subjugating others of their own kind, through war and religion. First journeying beyond their world in the 20th century, they survived near-annihilation in the mid-21st, and finally helped forge the first incarnation of the United Federation of Planets in the mid-22nd. In this time, humans settled themselves throughout known space, founding colonies on hundreds of planets. Regressive elements would continuously disrupt Earth's noble ambitions, resulting in several backslides, and foundation of Earth or Human Empires, but inevitably human nature would balance it out. Even after the destruction of Earth, humans continued to thrive, and humans are known to survive the collapse of the universe.

Notable individuals

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