Slightly Darling

Name: Slightly Darling (legal name), Edward Slight (birth name)
Species: Human
Date of birth: April 4, 1866
Place of birth: England, United Kingdom
Family: Mary "Molly" Aster Darling (adoptive mother), George Darling (adoptive father), Wendy Darling Sweet (adoptive sister), John Darling (adoptive brother), Michael Darling* (adoptive brother), Tootles Darling (adoptive brother), Curly Darling (adoptive brother), Nibs Darling (adoptive brother), Marmaduke Darling (adoptive brother), Binky Darling (adoptive brother), Jane Sweet (adoptive niece)
Group affiliations: Lost Boys of Never Land
Source universe: Peter Pan
Debut: 1904




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