Senkawa Tsutomu

Name: Senkawa Tsutomu
Species: Human (occupies body of Altairian at points)
Date of birth: December 8, 1981
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
Family: Ryoko Senkawa (mother), Kazuo Senkawa (father), Hazumi Senkawa (sister)
Group affiliations: physical coexistence with Birdy Alterra Cephon
Source universe: Birdy the Mighty
Debut: 1985


Senkawa Tsutomu was an average, if a little neurotic, Japanese teenager in the 1990s until he found himself in the middle of a battle between the Galactic Federation super soldier Birdy Alterra Cephon and the criminal Geega. Caught in the crossfire, every cell in Tsutomu's body was burnt out, killing him. In an attempt to save him, his consciousness was duplicated and imprinted onto Birdy's body, and her own DNA rewired so as to be able to take his form. Tsutomu soon learned he was sharing a body, and reluctantly became her ally in her pursuit of other criminals who had arrived on Earth for the time that it would take for Tsutomu's body to be regenerated.

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