Scrooge McDuck

Name: Scrooge McDuck
Species: Type 1 Anthropomorphic duck
Date of hatching: November 19, 1867
Place of hatching: Glasgow, Calisota
Family: Downy O'Drake McDuck (mother), Fergus McDuck (father), Webbigail "Webby" Vanderquack/April Duck (clone/"daughter"), May Duck (clone), June Duck (clone), Hortense McDuck (sister), Matilda McDuck (sister), Donald Duck (nephew), Della Duck (niece), Hubert "Huey" Duck (great nephew/ward), Dewford "Dewey" Duck (great nephew/ward), Llewellyn "Louie" Duck (great nephew/ward), Bubba the Cave Duck (adoptive son), Molly Mallard (paternal grandmother), Dirty McDuck (paternal grandfather), Jake McDuck (paternal uncle), Angus McDuck (paternal aunt)
Source universe: DuckTales
Debut: 1947



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