Sam Gamgee

Name: Samwise Gamgee
AKA: Sam
Species: Hobbit
Date of birth: April 6, 830
Place of birth: The Shire, Middle-Earth, planet Arda
Family: Bell Goodchild Gamgee (mother), Hamfast Gamgee (father), Rose "Rosie" Cotton Gamgee (wife), Elanor Gamgee (daughter), Frodo Gamgee (son), Rose Gamgee (daughter), Merry Gamgee (son), Pippin Gamgee (son), Goldilocks Gamgee (daughter), Hamfast Gamgee (son), Daisy Gamgee (daughter), Primrose Gamgee (daughter), Bilbo Gamgee (son), Ruby Gamgee (daughter), Robin Gamgee (son), Tolman Gamgee (son), Hamson Gamgee (brother), Halfred Gamgee (brother), Daisy Gamgee (sister), May Gamgee (sister), Marigold Gamgee Cotton (sister)
Group affiliations: boon companionship with Frodo Baggins; Fellowship of the Ring
Source universe: The Lord of the Rings
Debut: 1954




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