Sally Solomon

Name: none
AKA: Sally Solomon
Species: Throkfrum
Date of birth: September 20, 1923
Place of birth: planet Throkfrum
Family: Dick Solomon ("brother"), Harry Solomon ("brother"), Tommy Solomon ("nephew")
Group affiliations: The Cougars
Source universe: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Debut: 1996


One of several aliens going on infiltration missions on behalf of the Big Giant Head, the security officer found herself "losing" in the decision as to who has to take the form of a female human while observing the planet Earth. Taking the name Sally Solomon, her militaristic nature clashed with the perceptions of women in the late 1990s United States. She had many adventures on Earth, including a romance with obese police officer Don Orville. After six years, Sally and the rest of her team tearfully departed Earth. In the 25th century, Sally served as Throkfrum's representative on the United Federation of Planets' Council after negotiating the planet's entry into that body.

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