Rachel Crawford

Name: Rachel Baines Crawford
Species: Human
Date of birth: October 26, 1954
Place of birth: United States
Family: Darlene Baines (mother), Jimmie Baines (father), Robert Crawford* (husband), Richard "Richie" Crawford (son), Harriette Baines Winslow (sister), Edward "Eddie" Winslow (nephew), Laura Winslow (niece), Judith "Judy" Winslow (niece)
Source universe: TGIF
Debut: 1989


Rachel Crawford had only been a mother for a few months when her husband Robert suddenly died. Deeply unsettled, she moved into her sister Harriette's home as she struggled to get on her feet again. Over the next several years, she lived and sometimes thrived, while playing a side role in the strange interactions between her sister's family and the creepy genius Steve Urkel.

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