Pol Krinn

Name: Pol Jace Krinn
AKA: Magnetic Kid, Pulse, Paul, Baulus ibn Faisal
Species: Human (Braalian)
Date of birth: January 14, 2987
Place of birth: Valor's Landing, Braal
Family: Time Trapper (cross-temporal counterpart), Ewa Krinn (mother), Hu Krinn (mother), Glorith "Lori" Morning (wife), Tehrista (wife), Azra Saugin (mate), Nathaniel "Nate" Richards (mate), Dorothy "Ace" McShane (mate), Lon Krinn (daughter/son), Faisal ibn Baulus (son), Lucas Richards (son of sorts), Gillian McShane-Krinn (daughter), John McShane-Krinn (son), Zoe Saugin (daughter of sorts), Thanot "Than" Saugin (son of sorts), Rokk Krinn (brother), Crystal Cullen-Krinn (niece)
Group affiliations: boon companionship with Bits; Legion Academy, All-Star Squadron, Avengers, Justice League, Legion of Super-Heroes
Source universe: DC Comics
Debut: 1965



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