New Warriors

The New Warriors was a superhero team of generally younger humans on Earth in the M-2 era.

Known Members

Character Real Name Notes
Aegis Trey Rollins
Bandit/ Night Thrasher Donyell Taylor
Blackwing Barry Bohusk
Bolt Chris Bradley
Dagger Tandy Bowen
Darkdevil Reilly Tyne
Darkhawk Chris Powell
Debrii Deborah Fields
Decibel Jono Starsmore
Firestar Angelica Jones Founding member.
Green Goblin Phil Urich
Helix Rafael Carago
Hindsight Lad/ Hindsight Carlton Lafroyge
Longstrike Christine Cord
Marvel Boy/ Justice Vance Astrovik Founding member.
Microbe Zachary Smith Jr.
Namorita Namorita
Night Thrasher Dwayne Taylor
Nova Rich Rider
Phaser Christian Cord
Powerpax/ Powerhouse Alex Power
Rage Elvin Haliday
Renascence Sofia Mantega
Ripcord Miranda Leevald
Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly
Silhouette Silhouette Chord
Skybolt Vincent Stewart
Slapstick Steve Harmon
Speedball Robbie Baldwin
Tempest Angel Salvadore
Timeslip Rina Patel
Turbo Mickey Musashi
Ultragirl Suzy Sherman
Wondra Jubilation Lee


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