Nathan Summers

Name: Nathaniel Christopher Charles Summers (birth name), Nathan Dayspring Askani'Son (name in future era)
AKA: "Nate", Cable
Species: Human mutant
Date of birth: September 1, 1997
Place of birth: Salem Center, New York, United States
Family: Madelyne Pryor (mother), Jean Grey (adoptive/half-mother), Scott Summers* (father), Aliya Dayspring* (wife), Tyler Dayspring (adoptive/half-son), Hope Summers (adoptive daughter), Rachel Summers (alternative timeline sister), Nathan "Nate" Grey (alternative timeline counterpart/"brother"), Ruby Summers (alternative timeline half-sister), Elaine Grey (adoptive maternal half-grandmother), John Grey (adoptive half-grandfather), Katherine Anne Summers* (paternal grandmother; deceased prehumously), Christopher Summers (paternal grandfather), Roger Grey* (adoptive maternal uncle), Liam Grey* (adoptive maternal uncle), Julia Grey* (adoptive maternal half-aunt), Sarah Grey-Bailey* (adoptive maternal half-aunt), Alexander "Alex" Summers (paternal uncle), Gabriel Summers (paternal uncle), Adam Neramani (paternal uncle), Joseph "Joey" Bailey* (adoptive cousin), Gailyn Bailey* (adoptive cousin), Katherine "Katie" Summers (cousin)
Group affiliations: boon companionship with Prosh; Clan Askani/Clan Chosen, Six Pack, New Mutants (mentor), X-Force, X-Men, Avengers
Source universe: Marvel Comics
Debut: 1986



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