Nate Grey

Name: Nathan Grey
AKA: "Nate"
Species: Biological construct (Human mutant-base)
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Family: Nathaniel Essex (creator), Chetan Ironforge (adoptive father), Jean Grey ("mother"; genetic progenitor), Scott Summers ("father"; genetic progenitor), Jean Grey (genetic progenitor's prime universe counterpart), Scott Summers (genetic progenitor's prime universe counterpart), Nathaniel "Nathan" Summers (prime universe counterpart), Rachel Summers (alternative timeline sister), Elaine Grey* ("grandmother"; genetic progenitor's mother's counterpart), John Grey* ("grandfather"; genetic progenitor's father's counterpart), Katherine Anne Summers* (genetic progenitor's mother's counterpart), Christopher Summers ("grandfather"; genetic progenitor's father's counterpart), Alexander "Alex" Summers ("uncle"/genetic progenitor's brother's counterpart), Gabriel Summers ("uncle"/genetic progenitor's brother's counterpart), Adam Neramani ("uncle"/genetic progenitor's half-brother's counterpart)
Group affiliations: X-Men (including New Mutants), Brotherhood of Mutants
Source universe: Marvel Comics
Debut: 1995




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