Name: Mork McConnell
Species: Orkan
Date of birth: July 21, 100001 BCE
Place of birth: planet Ork
Family: Mindy McConnell (wife), Mearth McConnell (son)
Source universe: Happy Days
Debut: 1978


The Orkan Mork was assigned the study of the human species and the planet Earth in the mid-20th century. He first visited Wisconsin in the late 1950s, and attempted to abduct Richie Cunningham and Arthur Fonzarelli, but then declined. He then jumped forward in time, to 1978, where he met Mindy McConnell, who took him in, accepting his status as an alien. While learning about humanity and sending regular messages back to his superior Orson, he inadvertently fell in love with Mindy. Despite warnings against it, he and Mindy married, and had a child together (who resembled an old man), whom Mork named "Mearth" in honor of his loves, Mindy and Earth. Mork and Mindy suffered from attacks by another psychotic alien, and ended up traveling through time to escape him.

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