Molly Aster

Name: Mary Aster Darling
AKA: "Molly"
Species: Human
Date of birth: February 3, 1866
Place of birth: London, England, United Kingdom
Family: Louise Aster (mother), Leonard Aster (father), George Darling (husband), Wendy Darling Sweet (daughter), John Darling (son), Michael Darling (son), Binky Darling (adoptive son), Curly Darling (adoptive son), Marmaduke Darling (adoptive son), Nibs Darling (adoptive son), Slightly Darling (adoptive son), Tootles Darling (adoptive son), Jane Sweet (granddaughter)
Group affiliations: Starcatchers
Source universe: Peter Pan
Debut: 1904



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