Masters of Evil

The Masters of Evil was a team of supervillains, originally founded by Baron Heinrich Zemo, in order to pool resources of those with specific grudges against members of the Avengers.

Known Members

Character Real Name Initial Entry Date Notes
Absorbing Man Crusher Creel
Baron Zemo Heinrich Zemo Founding member.
Baron Zemo Helmut Zemo Thunderbolts guise of Citizen V; later reformed.
Beetle Abe Jenkins Thunderbolts guise of MACH-I; later reformed.
Black Knight Nathan Garrett Founding member.
Diablo Esteban de Ablo
Egghead Elihas Starr
Enchantress Amora
Executioner Skurge the Executioner
Fixer Norbert Ebersol Thunderbolts guise of Techno.
Goliath Erik Josten Thunderbolts guise of Atlas; later reformed.
Grey Gargoyle Paul Duvall
Grim Reaper Eric Williams
Klaw Ulysses Klaue
Melter Bruno Horgan Founding member.
Moonstone Karla Sofen Thunderbolts guise of Meteorite.
Radioactive Man Chen Lu Founding member.
Scorpion Mac Gargan
Screaming Mimi Melissa Gold Thunderbolts guise of Songbird; later reformed.
Shocker Herman Schultz
Tiger Shark Todd Arliss
Trapster Pete Petruski
Ultron Ultron
Whirlwind David Cannon
Wonder Man Simon Williams Coerced; later reformed.
Yellowjacket Rita DeMara Later reformed.


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