List of Murderers

This is a list of people who have knowingly and willfully killed another sapient being, whether directly or indirectly. This does not include accidental deaths or self-defense killing.

Character Notable victim(s) Motive(s)
Abby Anderson many, including Joel Miller, Jesse Jeon expediency, revenge
Patrick Bateman many, especially lovers serial killer
Barry Berkman many, including friends Chris Lucado & Janice Moss professional hitman; started killing otherwise to hide his murders
Henry Evans/Derrial Book real Derrial Book expediency
Reiner Braun thousands on Paradise Island, including Marco Bodt orders
Cain Abel jealousy over Yahweh's favor
Helena Cain many subordinates ruthless sense of command
Joanna Cargill Sharon Friedlander bigotry
Fabian Cortez fellow Acolytes bloodsport
Victor Creed many serial killer/professional killer
Raven Darkhölme various, including Graydon Creed mostly expediency
Wilson Fisk many rage/expediency
Trevor Fitzroy many, including Haroum al-Rashid, Marie-Ange Colbert, Fabian Marechal-Julbin, Sharon Smith, Jennifer Stavros, Buford Wilson bloodsport
Tory Foster Cally Henderson unclear (lust?)
Grimhilde numerous, including father Henry expediency, displays of power, cruelty, revenge
Bertolt Hoover many thousands of Eldians, including Marco Bodt genocide orders
It many, mostly children, incl. George Denbrough fear consumption
Kathryn Janeway Tuvix executed to restore Tuvok and Neelix
Freddy Krueger many, mostly children, including Nancy Thompson psychopathy; later as sustenance for his demonic state
Kurr many, including all women be bedded bloodlust and superstition
Erik Lehnsherr thousands, including victims of E-M pulse, Suvik Senyaka expediency, terrorist displays
Annie Leonhart many, many Eldian soldiers, including Marco Bodt genocide orders, though carried out sadistically
Lobo millions, including population of Czarnia nihilism and ultra-violent nature
Joel Miller many, including Jerry Anderson expediency
Lalo Muldron Ion positioning in athletic competition
Michael Myers many serial killer/psychopathy
Oroku Saki Hamato Yoshi, Tang Shen, various others jealousy, power
Othello Desdemona jealousy/rage
Redjac many, mostly women fear consumption
Suvik Senyaka many serial killer especially targeting non-mutants
Bruce Stinson many, including Al Simmons mercenary work
Harcourt Teesdale many serial killer/psychopathy
Sweeney Todd many serial killer; psychopathy/pseudo-vengeance, money-making scheme
Galen Tyrol Tory Foster rage/vengeance
Valeris pair of co-conspirators in assassination of Gorkon cover-up
Jason Voorhees hundreds demonic compulsion
Pamela Voorhees many teenagers serial killer/psychopathy
Manfred von Karma Gregory Edgeworth revenge for receiving a "penalty"
John Wick hundreds of others assassin; also spree-killing revenge
Annie Wilkes many serial killer; psychopathic
Ellie Williams many, including Owen Moore expediency, revenge
Zeke Yeager many, mostly from Paradise Island orders
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