List of Murder Victims

This is a list of people who have been murdered, whether or not they were resurrected.

Character Killer(s) Motive Notes
Akagi Ritsuko Ikari Gendo expediency permanence unclear
Charlie Barkin Carface greed returned as ghost/guardian
Violet Beauregarde Willy Wonka hate of children/psychopathy
Jake Chambers Jack Mort psychopathy resurrected/event temporally erased
Jesus Christ Roman Empire punishment for heresy/protest later resurrected
Alma Coin Katniss Everdeen politically-motivated/to prevent further bloodshed
Jeralt Eisner Kronya bloodlust
Sarah Essen The Joker random act of violence
Mia Fey Redd White expediency occasionally returned as possessing ghost
Thomas Fox an NYPD officer unnecessary use of lethal force
Sharon Friedlander Joanna Cargill bigotry
Augustus Gloop Willy Wonka hate of children/psychopathy
Gorkon conspiracy of Klingon and Starfleet agents, including Chang, Lance Cartwright, and Valeris warmongering/bigotry
Alonzo Harris Russian mob mob violence
Greta Hayes Billy Hayes as part of demonic rite returned as ghost, later resurrected
Lee Kelso Gary Mitchell display of power
Freddy Krueger parents of Elm Street in Springwood, Ohio mob justice became demonic force
John Lennon Mark David Chapman delusion
Abraham Lincoln John Wilkes Booth political dissent
Joel Miller Abby Anderson revenge
Doug Ramsey Frederick Animus bigotry later resurrected
Glenn Rhee Jeffrey Negan show of force both scenarios
Veruca Salt Willy Wonka hate of children/psychopathy
Severus Snape Voldemort show of force
Ned Stark Joffrey Baratheon petulant display of power
Alysande Stuart Jamie Braddock cruel display of power
Mike Teavee Willy Wonka hate of children/psychopathy
Jason Todd The Joker hate of the Batman later resurrected
Cally Tyrol Tory Foster racist jealousy?
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