Name: Link
Species: Hylian
Date of birth: May 20, 1104 (original); May 20, 2039 (Hero of Time incarnation), May 20, 3052 (Hero of Winds incarnation), May 20, 3152 (Hero of Tracks incarnation), May 20, 4058 (Hero of Twilight incarnation), May 20, 5070 (Hero of Worlds incarnation), May 20, 10014 (Hero of War incarnation), May 20, 36076 (Hero of the Wild incarnation)
Place of birth: Skyloft, planet Hyrule (original), Outset Island, planet Hyrule (Hero of Winds incarnation), Ordona Province, Kingdom of Hyrule, planet Hyrule (Hero of Twilight incarnation), Kingdom of Hyrule, planet Hyrule (all other incarnations)
Family (all incarnations): Uncle (adoptive father), Zelda/Tetra (lover/wife), Ilia (wife), Aryll (sister), Ravio (quantum counterpart), unidentified grandmother
Group affiliations: Super Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors; boon companionship with Navi
Source universe: The Legend of Zelda
Debut: 1986



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