Laura Winslow

Name: Laura Lee Winslow
Species: Human
Date of birth: May 23, 1976
Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Family: Harriette Baines Winslow (mother), Carl Winslow (father), Edward "Eddie" Winslow (brother, Judith "Judy" Winslow (sister), Darlene Baines (maternal grandmother), Jimmie Baines (maternal grandfather), Estelle LeNoire Winslow Thomas (paternal grandmother), Samuel Winslow* (paternal grandfather), Rachel Baines Crawford (maternal aunt), Darryl Winslow (paternal uncle), Calvin Winslow (paternal uncle), Walter Winslow (paternal uncle), Frank Winslow (paternal uncle), Richard "Richie" Crawford (cousin)
Source universe: TGIF
Debut: 1989


Laura Winslow lived a normal childhood, though she came to live in a very full house. Things changed abruptly when she was 13, and the unpopular oddball "nerd" Steve Urkel was set up with her as a dance date. This somehow caused Steve to believe he was in love with her, and he proceeded to stalk her for years. Laura would eventually be worn down by the creep's persistence, eventually coming to date him.

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