The Licensed Extra-Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network was a group forged in Earth-local space in the late 20th century that served as a private security force.

Notable Members

Character Real Name Notes
Garryn Bek Garryn Bek Founding member.
Marij'n Bek Marij'n Bek
Brainiac 2 Vril Dox II Founding member.
Captain Comet Adam Blake
Crackpot Amos Monroe
Darkstar Lydea Mallor
Dust Devil Moshe Levy
The Durlan Ren Daggle Founding member. Disappeared in temporal anomaly.
Dev Emm Dev Emm
Frag Fritz Klein
Lady Quark Tashana
Lobo Lobo
Looking Glass Dexter Fairfax
Lyrissa Mallor Lyrissa Mallor Founding member. Murdered.
Phase Tinya Wazzo
Stealth Stealth Founding member.
Strata Strata Founding member.
Telepath Qi'Qi
Valor Lar Gand


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