Kratos (son of Zeus)

Name: Kratos
Species: Human/Being (Olympian) hybrid
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Family: Zeus (father), Atreus (son), Ares (half-brother), Apollo (half-brother), Artemis (half-sister), Athena (half-sister), Dionysus (half-brother), Hebe (half-sister), Perseus (half-brother), Persephone (half-sister), Hermes (half-brother), Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark (half-sister), Heracles (half-brother), Rhea (paternal grandmother), Cronus (paternal grandfather), Hera (paternal aunt), Demeter (paternal aunt), Hestia (paternal aunt), Poseidon (paternal uncle), Hades (paternal uncle), Eros (nephew), Deimos (nephew), Phobos (nephew), Alexander Aaron (nephew), Elise Kent (niece), Hephaestus (cousin), Triton (cousin), Ursula (cousin), Perseus "Percy" Jackson (cousin)
Group affiliations:
Source universe: God of War (game)
Debut: 2005


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