Joanna Preston

Name: Joanna Preston
Species: Human
Date of birth: September 13, 1470
Place of birth: England
Family: Henry* (father), William "Bill" Preston (husband), Ted Preston (son), Elizabeth Logan (fraternal twin sister), Bill Logan (nephew)
Group affiliations: Wyld Stallyns (band)
Source universe: Bill & Ted
Debut: 1989


One of twin daughters of a medieval English nobleman, Joanna's life was turned upside down by the arrival of time-traveler Bill Preston and his best friend Ted Logan. Enraptured by the blonde doofus, Joanna and her twin sister Elizabeth agreed to depart their time when the opportunity arose in the form of Rufus. Brought to 1988, Joanna and Elizabeth became romantically involved with Bill and Ted. After three years, and becoming functional musicians for Bill and Ted's band Wyld Stallyns, the boys proposed, and the girls accepted. After a debacle with evil robot versions of Bill and Ted, the foursome took a trip to spend 16 intense months practicing. During that time, Joanna married Bill and gave birth to a son: Ted Preston.

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