Jimmy Hudson

Name: James Hudson Jr.
AKA: "Jimmy", Wolverine, Poison
Species: Human mutant
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Family: Magda Lehnsherr (mother), Logan/James Howlett (father), Heather McNeil Hudson (adoptive mother), James MacDonald "Mac" Hudson (adoptive father), Claire Hudson (adoptive sister), Anya Eisenhardt* (half-sister; deceased prehumously), Wanda Maximoff (half-sister), Pietro Maximoff (half-brother), Laura Kinney (father's clone/"sister"), Adrian Corbo (half-brother), Hudson Logan (half-brother), Rina Logan (half-sister), Elizabeth Hudson Howlett* (paternal grandmother; deceased prehumously), Thomas Logan (biological paternal grandfather; deceased prehumously), John Howlett* (presumed paternal grandfather; deceased prehumously), Dog Logan (paternal uncle), William "Billy" Kaplan (cousin), Thomas "Tommy" Shepherd (cousin), Luna Maximoff (cousin)
Group affiliations: X-Men
Source universe: Marvel Comics
Debut: 2010



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