James Kirk

Name: James Tiberius Kirk
AKA: "Jim"
Species: Human
Date of birth: March 22, 2233
Place of birth: Riverside, Iowa, North America continent, planet Earth
Family: Winona Davis Kirk* (mother), George Kirk* (father), Lori Ciana* (first wife; divorced), Teilani (second wife), David Marcus* (son), George Samuel Kirk Jr.* (brother), Peter Kirk (nephew), Julius Kirk (nephew), Alexander Kirk (nephew), James Davis (maternal grandfather), Tiberius Kirk (paternal grandfather)
Group affiliations: Starfleet, including crews of USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise-A
Death: April 28, 2371, age 60, on planet Viridian III, from injuries sustained in fall caused by Tolian Soran
Source universe: Star Trek
Debut: 1966



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