Iris West (Flash)

Name: Iris Eun Ae West
AKA: Impulse, Kid Flash, The Flash
Species: Human
Date of birth: February 20, 2004
Place of birth: Keystone City, Kansas, United States
Family: Linda Park (mother), Wallace "Wally" West (father), Jai West* (fraternal twin brother)
Group affiliations: Teen Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes, Justice League
Source universe: DC Comics
Debut: 1996




Americansfemale charactersFlash familygraphic literature charactersHumanspeople who wear visors/gogglespersons of East/Southeast Asian descentpersons of European descentpersons of Korean descentpersons who can move at superhuman speedspersons with red/orange hairsuperheroesteenage superheroeswielders of the Speed Forcetwins

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