The Hellions were Emma Frost's original team of mutant youths, associated with the Hellfire Club Inner Circle. Later versions of the team were homages or legacies.

Known Members

Character Real Name Notes
Beef Buford Wilson Frost's first group member.
Bevatron Fabian Marechal-Julbin Frost's first group member.
Catseye Sharon Smith Founding member.
Dust Sooraya Qadir Frost's second group member.
Empath Manuel de la Rocha Founding member.
Feral Maria Callasantos New Hellions member.
Firestar Angelica Jones Membership dubious.
Hellion Julian Keller Frost's second group member.
Icarus Jay Guthrie Frost's second group member.
Jetstream Haroum al-Rashid Founding member.
King Bedlam Christopher Aaronson Founding member.
Magma Amara Aquilla Original and New Hellions member.
Mercury Cessily Kincaid Frost's second group member.
Rockslide Santo Vaccarro Frost's second group member.
Roulette Jennifer Stavros Founding member.
Tag Brian Cruz Frost's second group member.
Tarot Marie-Ange Colbert Founding member. Also New Hellions member.
Thunderbird James Proudstar Founding member.
Wither Kevin Ford Frost's second group member.


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