George McFly

Name: George Douglas McFly
Species: Human
Date of birth: April 1, 1938
Place of birth: Hill Valley, California, United States
Family: Sylvia Miskin McFly (mother), Arthur McFly (father), Lorraine Baines McFly (wife), David "Dave" McFly (son), Linda McFly (daughter), Martin "Marty" McFly (son), William McFly (paternal grandfather), Marlene McFly (granddaughter), Martin McFly Jr. (grandson)
Source universe: Back to the Future
Debut: 1963


An extremely awkward young man in 1955, George McFly's chance to be nursed by his future wife Lorraine was accidentally stolen by his time-traveling future son Marty. Marty worked to get George back into a place to woo Lorraine, and when bully Biff Tannen was about to rape her at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, George gathered his courage and knocked Biff out. George and Lorraine went on to marry and have children, including Marty. By the 1980s, George was a successful author.

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