Name: Gaea
AKA: Gaia, Earth Mother, Mother Nature, Erda, many more
Date of creation: April 22, 3500925810 BCE
Place of creation: Earth
Family: Ouranos (son), Rhea (daughter), Cronus (son), Ceto (daughter), Pontus (son), Thor Odinson (son), Nerthus (spawn), Grendel* (grandson), Hestia (granddaughter), Hera (granddaughter), Demeter (granddaughter), Zeus (grandson), Poseidon (grandson), Hades (grandson), Aphrodite (granddaughter), Medusa (granddaughter), Euryale (granddaughter), Stheno (granddaughter)
Source universes: Greco-Roman mythology, Norse mythology
Debut: before Common Era




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