Gabriel Summers

Name: Gabriel Summers
AKA: Kid Vulcan, Vulcan
Species: Human mutant
Date of birth: August 18, 1986
Place of birth: planet Chandilar, Shi'Ar Empire
Family: Katherine Anne Summers* (mother), Christopher Summers (father), Cal'syee Neramani (wife), Scott Summers (brother), Alexander "Alex" Summers (brother), Adam Neramani (half-brother), Deborah Summers (paternal grandmother), Phillip Summers (paternal grandfather), Nathaniel "Nathan" Summers (nephew), Rachel Summers (niece via alternative timeline), Nate Grey (nephew by alternative timeline), Ruby Summers (niece by alternative timeline), Katherine "Katie" Summers (niece)
Group affiliations: X-Men
Source universe: Marvel Comics
Debut: 2006



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