Francis Wilkerson

Name: Francis Wilkerson
Species: Human
Date of birth: January 20, 1983
Place of birth: Star City, California, United States
Family: Lois Welker Wilkerson (mother), Hal Wilkerson (father), Piama Tananahaakna (wife), Malcolm Wilkerson (brother), Reese Wilkerson (brother), Dewey Wilkerson (brother), Jamie Wilkerson (brother), Ida Kenzel Welker (maternal grandmother), Victor Welker* (maternal grandfather), Sharon Wilkerson* (paternal grandmother), Walter Wilkerson* (paternal grandfather), Susan Welker (maternal aunt), Claire Wilkerson (paternal aunt), Amelia Wilkerson (paternal aunt)
Source universe: Malcolm in the Middle
Debut: 2000




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