Essay: Anthropomorphs

For the most part, for this timeline, sapience is limited to humans and the beings that are similar. There are various alien and magical races as well. Another group are those we've come to know as the funny animal or Toon. I'm using the word Anthropomorph for this concept, as they are basically animals that have been anthropomorphized by their creators.

There are several types of Anthropomorphs.

Type 1: Basically humanoid in form, and their animal aspects are limited. They often wear human clothing and their physiques, which often maintain heavy features distinguishing them from humans, are largely only cosmetically differentiated from them. Type 1s are completely intelligible to humans. Type 1s are often extremely resistant to injury. They very rarely engage in predator/prey relationships that correspond to the normal food chain. Their families and cultures are very similar to human ones. Some Type 1s resemble super-deformed humans, or be plant-like or even resemble inanimate objects. Ex: Minnie Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Larry the Cucumber

Type 2: Semi-wild, they are often proportionate to their non-Anthropomorphic counterparts in size, including relative to each other, i.e. mice are much smaller than cats. They often live in ways similar to their animal counterparts, but may take on more human-like family/cultural units, and sometimes wear clothing. Non-bipedal examples may occasionally be bipedal. Usually they are not intelligible to humans, but can be communicated with occasionally through humans with special talents. They often maintain the standard animal food chain, with little concern for the sapience of their food. Ex: Chip and Dale, Garfield, Tom and Jerry

Type 3: Mostly wild, they maintain social structures closely resembling those of their true animal counterparts. They can communicate with each other in human-like ways, but are largely limited otherwise in their physical abilities to those of their counterparts. They almost always align with the normal food chain. They rarely wear clothing and bipedalism is usually limited to the species that normally are so. Ex: Simba, Bagheera, Babe the pig

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