Erik Lehnsherr

Name: Max Eisenhardt (birth name), Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (legal name)
AKA: Magneto
Species: Human mutant
Date of birth: April 2, 1928
Place of birth: Germany
Family: Edie Eisenhardt* (mother), Jakob Eisenhardt* (father), Magda Lehnsherr Eisenhardt* (wife), Joseph (clone), Anya Eisenhardt* (daughter), Wanda Maximoff (daughter), Pietro Maximoff (son), Lorna Dane (daughter), Luna Maximoff (granddaughter), Thomas "Tommy" Shepherd (grandson), William "Billy" Kaplan (grandson)
Group affiliations: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Men, New Mutants mentor, Hellfire Club Inner Circle, Acolytes master
Source universe: Marvel Comics
Debut: 1963




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