Donald Duck

Name: Donald Fauntleroy Duck
Species: Type 1 Anthropomorphic duck
Date of hatching: June 9, 1920
Place of hatching: Duckburg, Calisota
Family: Hortense McDuck (mother), Quackmore Duck (father), Della Duck (fraternal twin sister), Downy O'Drake (maternal grandmother), Fergus McDuck (maternal grandfather), Elvira Coot (paternal grandmother), Humperdink Duck (paternal grandfather), Matilda McDuck (maternal aunt), Scrooge McDuck (maternal uncle), Daphne Duck (paternal aunt), Eider Duck (paternal uncle), Hubert "Huey" Duck (nephew/nephew), Dewford "Dewey" Duck (nephew/ward), Llewellyn "Louie" Duck (nephew/ward), May Duck (adoptive "niece"/ward), June Duck (adoptive "niece"/ward), Gladstone Gander (cousin)
Group affiliations: United States Navy, partnerships with Sora and Goofy Goof, the Three Caballeros
Source universe: DuckTales
Debut: 1934



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