Don Allen

Name: Donald Allen
AKA: "Don", Tornado Twin, the Flash
Species: Human
Date of birth: May 25, 2963
Place of birth: Central City, Missouri, North America, planet Earth
Family: Iris Russell West Allen (mother), Bartholomew "Barry" Allen* (father; deceased before his birth), Meloni Thawne (wife), Bartholomew "Bart" Allen (son), Dawn Allen (fraternal twin sister), Fran Russell (maternal grandmother), Eric Russell (maternal grandfather), Nadine West (adoptive maternal grandmother), Ira West (adoptive maternal grandfather), Nora Thompson Allen* (paternal grandmother), Henry Allen* (paternal grandfather), Malcolm Thawne* (paternal uncle), Jenni Ognats (niece), Thaddeus "Tad" Thawne Jr. (son's clone)
Death: physically, murdered by Thaddeus Thawne's agents on June 11, 2985, age 22; his essence disperses on November 4, 2030
Source universe: DC Comics
Debut: 1968



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