Data (android)

Name: Data
Species: Android (Soong-type)
Date of attaining consciousness: May 12, 2335
Place of attaining consciousness: planet Omicron Theta
Family: Juliana O'Donnell Soong* (co-creator/"mother"), Noonien Soong* (co-creator/"father"), Lal (daughter), Lore ("brother"), B-4 ("brother"), Juliana Soong Tainer (android duplicate of "mother")
Group affiliations: Starfleet, including crews of USS Enterprise-D and USS Enterprise-E
Source universe: Star Trek
Debut: 1987




artificial intelligencesfathersmale charactersmilitary personnelpersons who can move at superhuman speedspersons with superhuman strengthresurrected personsrobotstelevision characterswhite beings

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