Darlene Conner

Name: Darlene Conner
AKA: Darlene Healy
Species: Human
Date of birth: April 14, 1977
Place of birth: Lanford, Illinois, United States
Family: Roseanne Harris Conner* (mother), Dan Conner (father), David Healy (husband; divorced), Harris Healy (daughter), Mark Healy II (son), Rebecca "Becky" Conner (sister), David Jacob "D.J." Conner (brother), Jerry Conner (brother), Beverly Winters Harris (maternal grandmother), Al Harris* (maternal grandfather), Audrey Conner (paternal grandmother), Ed Conner (paternal grandfather), Jackie Harris (maternal aunt), Ed Conner Jr. (paternal uncle), Mary Conner (niece), Andy Harris (cousin)
Source universe: Roseanne
Debut: 1988



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