crew: USS Enterprise-E

The United Federation of Planets Star Ship Enterprise, NCC-1701-E, was a Sovereign-class starship, launched in 2372.

Notable Crewmembers

Character Ranks Positions Notes
Reginald Barclay lieutenant engineer
Beverly Crusher commander chief medical officer
T'Ryssa Chen lieutenant contact specialist
Jasminder Choudhury lieutenant security chief/tactical officer
Data lieutenant commander second officer, chief of operations Killed in action.
Dina Elfiki lieutenant chief science officer
Sean Hawk lieutenant helmsman
Rennan Konya lieutenant deputy security chief
Geordi La Forge lieutenant commander-commander chief engineer
Alyssa Ogawa lieutenant head nurse
Melora Pazlar lieutenant commander astronomer
Jean-Luc Picard captain commanding officer
Sariel Rager lieutenant helmsman, operations
Will Riker commander executive officer
Taurik lieutenant-lieutenant commander engineer, assistant chief engineer
Deanna Troi commander head counselor
Christine Vale commander security chief/tactical officer
Worf commander executive officer


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