crew: USS Enterprise

The United Federation of Planets Star Ship Enterprise, NCC-1701, was a Constitution-class vessel, and served as a prominent ship during its tour. It was launched in 2245, and destroyed in orbit of the "Genesis Planet" in 2285.

Notable Crew

Character Service Dates Ranks Positions Notes
Robert April July 4, 2245- captain commanding officer
Sarah April July 4, 2245- chief medical officer
Arex Na Eth lieutenant chief navigator
Pavel Chekov ensign-lieutenant commander chief navigator, security chief, tactical officer
Dabisch lieutenant communications chief
Elizabeth Dehner specialist psychologist
James Kirk captain-rear admiral commanding officer, flag officer
K's't'lk lieutenant
Leonard McCoy commander chief medical officer
Gary Mitchell lieutenant commander helmsman, second officer
Nhan commander security chief
Chris Pike captain commanding officer
Janice Rand enlisted; no rank yeoman, transporter chief
Saavik cadet/lieutenant student
Montgomery Scott lieutenant commander-commander chief engineer
Spock lieutenant-captain chief science officer, executive officer
Hikaru Sulu lieutenant-commander physicist, helmsman, second officer
Nyota Uhura lieutenant-commander communications chief
Una ensign-commander helmsman, executive Officer


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