crew: USS da Vinci

Notable Crewmembers

Character Ranks Positions Notes
110/Soloman civilian-enlisted computer specialist
111 civilian computer specialist Killed in action.
Carol Abramowitz specialist culture specialist
Nancy Conlon lieutenant chief engineer
Domenica Corsi lieutenant commander security chief
Kieran Duffy lieutenant commander second-in-command of SCE contingent Killed in action.
Bart Faulwell enlisted linguistic specialist
David Gold captain commanding officer
Sonya Gomez commander-captain head of SCE contingent; commanding officer
Rennan Konya enlisted security officer
Ellec Krotine enlisted security officer
Elizabeth Lense lieutenant commander chief medical officer
P8 Blue enlisted SCE engineer
Sarjenka lieutenant j.g. asst. chief medical officer/chief medical officer
Fabian Stevens enlisted SCE engineer
Mor glasch Tev lieutenant commander second-in-command of SCE contingent


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