Clark Kent

Name: Clark Joseph Kent (legal name), Kal-El (birth name)
AKA: Superman
Species: Kryptonian
Date of birth: December 27, 1962
Place of birth: planet Krypton
Family: Lara Lor-Van* (mother), Jor-El* (father), Martha Clark Kent* (adoptive mother), Jonathan Kent* (adoptive father), Lois Lane* (wife), Kon-El/Connor Kent (semi-clone), Lor-Zod/Christopher "Chris" Kent (adoptive son/cousin), Jonathan "Jon" Kent (son), Samuel "Sam" Kent (grandson), Lara Rok-Var* (maternal grandmother), Lor-Van* (maternal grandfather), Seg-El* (paternal grandfather), Zor-El* (paternal uncle), Dru-Zod (paternal uncle), Kara Zor-El (cousin), Kara Zor-L (cousin's temporal counterpart), Krypto the Super-Dog (pet)
Group affiliations: Justice League
Death: June 18, 2091, age 128
Source universe: DC Comics
Debut: 1938




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