Character Appendix Tb-Th
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
T-Bob T-Bob Scott Trakker's spherical robot buddy 1985 animated TV series M.A.S.K. episode "The Deathstone"
T'Challa / Black Panther T'Challa Wakandan prince then king; Avenger 1966 comic series Fantastic Four issue #52
Sev Tcheru / Selection / Evolvo Sev Tcheru Lallorian with power to take 'devolved' and 'evolved' forms 1964 comic series Adventure Comics issue #324 1
Te Fiti / Te Kā - Polynesian goddess of life; turned into lava demon while heart stolen 2016 animated film Moana -
Mike Teavee Mike Teavee Television-addled boy murdered by Willy Wonka 1964 chapter book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -
Technical Boy Technical Boy American god of technology 2001 novel American Gods -
Teela Teela of Eternia Prince Adam's friend; daughter of the Sorceress and Duncan 1982 minicomics packaged with Masters of the Universe series 1 action figures -
Teela Na / The Sorceress / Zoar Teela Na Guardian of Castle Grayskull; mage with falcon form 1982 minicomics packaged with Masters of the Universe series 1 action figures -
Harold Teen Harold Teen Teenager who got in trouble at the soda shop 1919 comic strip The Love Life of Harold Teen - 2
Harcourt Teesdale / Arcade Harcourt Teesdale Psychopathic rich guy who built murder amusement parks 1978 comic series Marvel Team-Up issue #65 3
Television "Telly" Monster Telly Monster One-time TV obsessed Monster on Sesame Street; nag; loved triangles 1979 TV series Sesame Street Episode #1257
Claire Temple Claire Temple New York City nurse; ally of superheroes 1972 comic series Luke Cage, Hero for Hire issue #2
D'Vana Tendi D'Vana Tendi Wide-eyed Orion Starfleet officer on Cerritos 2020 online animated TV series Star Trek: Lower Decks episode "Second Contact"
Tendo Akane Tendo Akane Tomboy martial artist stuck in betrothal to boy-girl and pursued by weirdos 1987 comic series (manga) Ranma 1/2 (4) Chapter 1: "Here's Ranma"(5)
Tendo Kasumi Tendo Kasumi Akane's oldest sister; kindhearted and somewhat oblivious 1987 comic series (manga) Ranma 1/2 (6) Chapter 1: "Here's Ranma"(7)
Tendo Nabiki Tendo Nabiki Akane's older sister; money-grubbing and manipulative 1987 comic series (manga) Ranma 1/2 (8) Chapter 1: "Here's Ranma"(9)
Tendo Soun Tendo Soun Akane's father; tended to cry a lot; lazy martial artist 1987 comic series (manga) Ranma 1/2 (10) Chapter 1: "Here's Ranma"(11)
Prynn Tenmei Prynn Tenmei Starfleet pilot; daughter of Elias Vaughn 2001 novel series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Avatar Book One
Benjamin "Ben" Tennyson / Ben Ten Ben Tennyson Heroic boy with watch that could turn him into alien forms 2005 animated TV series Ben 10 episode "And Then There Were Ten"
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson Gwen Tennyson Girl who inherited grandmother's Anodyne TK powers 2005 animated TV series Ben 10 episode "And Then There Were Ten"
Maxwell "Max" Tennyson Max Tennyson Grandfather of Ben and Gwen Tennyson; alien hunter in youth 2005 animated TV series Ben 10 episode "And Then There Were Ten"
Tenoh Haruka / Sailor Uranus Tenoh Haruka Guardian Girl of planet Uranus; earth manipulator; fast & aggressive 1994 comic series (manga) Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (12) chapter "Infinity 3: Two New Soldiers" (13)
Squidward Tentacles Squidward Tentacles Spongebob's irritable octopus colleague/friend 1999 animated TV series Spongebob Squarepants episode "Help Wanted"
Tentomon / Pabumon / Motimon / Kabuterimon Tentomon (Izzy's partner) Digidestined ladybug-like Digimon; partner of Koushiro Izumi 1999 animated TV series (anime) Digimon Adventure (14) episode "Adrift? The Island of Adventure!" (15)
Adrianna Tereshkova/ Void Adrianna Tereshkova Russian cosmonaut merged with Orb of Power into cosmic being 1992 comic series WildC.A.T.s issue #1
Terl Terl (Psychlo) Psychiatric alien regent over Earth who wanted gold 1982 novel Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 -
The Terminator The Terminator (hero) T-800 cyborg reprogrammed by John Connor to be his protector 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day -
Terrakion Terrakion Rock-type Legendary Sword of Justice Pokémon 2010 video games series Pokémon (16) Black Version (17) and White Version (18)
Terrako Terrako Egg-like Guardian robot; childhood companion of Zelda 2020 video game series Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity
Jeff Terrel / Shaft Jeff Terrel Archer member/leader of Youngblood 1992 comic series Youngblood issue #1
Clark Terrell Clark Terrell Thoughtful Starfleet officer; captain of Sagittarius and Reliant 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Langford "Happy" Terrill / The Ray / Neon Happy Terrill Light-powered member of original Uncle Sam's Freedom Fighters 1940 comic series Smash Comics issue #14
Raymond "Ray" Terrill / The Ray Ray Terrill Gay mutant son of original Ray 1992 comic series The Ray issue #1
Terrorsaur / Terrorswoop Terrorsaur Pteranodon-like Predacon 1996 animated TV series Beast Wars: Transformers episode "Beast Wars" Part 1 19
Robert "Sideshow Bob" Terwilliger Jr. Bob Terwilliger Onetime sidekick to Krusty the Clown; later psychopathic killer 1990 animated TV series The Simpsons episode "The Telltale Head" 20
Tessa / Sage Tessa (Sage) Mutant telepathic technopath; infiltrated Hellfire Club; X-Men member 1980 comic series X-Men issue #132 21
Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla Genius electricity pioneer; loved pigeons N/A - - -
Jervis Tetch / Mad Hatter Jervis Tetch Psychopathic criminal obsessed with madness and hats; Batman enemy 1948 comic series Batman issue #49
Tetsu Ushio Tetsu Ushio Huge bully at Yugi Mutou's high school 1996 comic series (manga) Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 1: "Duel One: Puzzle of the Gods" (22) 23
Mor glasch Tev Mor glasch Tev Tellarite engineer; second officer of USS da Vinci 2003 ebook novella series Star Trek: S.C.E. Aftermath
Thailand / Siam Thailand (Tan) Personification of nation-state of Thailand; resembled teenage boy 2010 comic series (manga) Hetalia (24): Axis Powers Volume 3
Thailog Thailog Evil clone of gargoyle Goliath 1995 animated TV series Gargoyles episode "Double Jeopardy"
Thanatos Thanatos (god) Greek god of death c. 700 BCE a history Hesiod's Theogony (25) - 26
Thanos Thanos Death-obsessed Eternal madman; often sought/wielded Infinity Stones 1973 comic series Iron Man issue #55
Tharja / Rhajat Tharja Plegian dark mage obsessed with Robin; preincarnation into Corrin 2012 video game series Fire Emblem (27) Awakening (28) 29
Tharok Tharok Cyborg murderer and member of Fatal Five; father of Gear 1967 comic series Adventure Comics issue #352
Margaret "Maggie" Roberts Thatcher Margaret Thatcher 1980s Tory U.K. prime minister N/A - - -
Eobard Thawne / Zoom / Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne Time-traveling speedster psychopath obsessed with Barry Allen 1963 comic series The Flash issue #139
Malcolm Thawne / Cobalt Blue Malcolm Thawne Barry Allen's evil twin brother; wielded blue crystal 1997 comic one-shot Speed Force issue #1
Meloni Thawne Meloni Thawne Bart Allen's impulsive activist mother 1995 comic series annual Legion of Super-Heroes Annual issue #6 30
Thaddeus Thawne/ Zoom Thaddeus Thawne Sinister Earth president; Bart Allen's grandfather 1997 comic series Impulse issue #25 31
Thaddeus "Tad" Thawne Jr./ Inertia Tad Thawne Clone of Bart Allen; methodical speedster; reformed villain 1999 comic series Impulse issue #50
Thea / Theia / Thia Thea (Titan) Titan daughter of Gaea and Ouranos; Titan of sight c. 700 BCE history (work) Hesiod's Theogony (32) - 33
Thena / Azura Thena (Eternal) Eternal daughter of Zuras 1976 comic series Eternals issue #5
Theopolis Theopolis (A.I.) Artificial intelligence associate of Buck Rogers; worn as necklace 1979 film Buck Rogers in the 25th Century -
Theseus Theseus (hero) Heroic founder of Athens; fought the Minotaur c. 500 BCE text fragments - - 34
Thing Thing Thing Thing Severed hand that lived with the Addams family 1954 magazine cartoon The New Yorker -
Alan Thomas Alan Thomas Josh Thomas's well-meaning dad 2013 TV series Please Like Me episode "Rhubarb and Custard" 35
Elliott Thomas Elliott Thomas American boy who befriended E.T. 1982 film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial -
Everett Thomas / Synch Everett Thomas Founding Generation X team member; mutant power copier 1994 comic series X-Men issue #36 36
Joshua "Josh" Thomas Josh Thomas Funny awkward Australian gay guy with suicidal mum 2013 TV series Please Like Me episode "Rhubarb and Custard" 37
Noah Thomas Noah Thomas Arrogant snot contestant on Total Drama Island 2007 animated TV series Total Drama Island episode "Not-So Happy Campers" Part 1 38
Odd Thomas Odd Thomas Young man with the ability to see dead people and fight monsters 2003 novel Odd Thomas -
Rose Lawrence Thomas Rose Thomas Josh Thomas's bipolar mum 2013 TV series Please Like Me episode "Rhubarb and Custard" 39
Scott "Scotty" Thomas - American youth who didn't know his girlfriend was cheating on him and found out through song; subsequently went on trip to Europe 2004 film EuroTrip -
William "Billy" Thomas Billy Thomas (lawyer) Onetime lover of Ally McBeal; worked alongside her in law firm 1997 TV series Ally McBeal pilot episode
Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas the Tank Engine Cheeky little engine from island of Sodor 1946 picture book Thomas the Tank Engine -
Leslie "Lee" Thompkins Leslie Thompkins Medical doctor ally of the Batman 1976 comic series Detective Comics issue #457 40
Eugene "Flash" Thompson / Venom Flash Thompson Schoolyard bully of Peter Parker; later friend, soldier, hero 1962 comic series Amazing Fantasy issue #15 41
Kevin Thompson Kevin Thompson Very dumb jock at Lawndale High 1997 animated TV series Daria episode "Esteemsters"
Nancy Thompson Nancy Thompson Survivor of Freddy Krueger who became counselor 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street -
Thor Odinson Thor Odinson Norse god of thunder; once murderous; great hero in later life c. 100? history Tacitus's Germania - 42
Thorin Oakenshield Thorin Oakenshield Dwarf leader of a Company; brought about huge war 1937 novel The Hobbit -
Damien Thorn Damien Thorn An Antichrist born of a jackal 1976 film The Omen -
Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke Chris Thorndyke Creepy human boy in love with Sonic the Hedgehog 2003 animated TV series Sonic X (43) episode "Supersonic Hero Appears!" (44)
Alexander "Alec" Thorne / Smart Alec Alec Thorne Sort-of genius member of Omega Flight 1984 comic series Alpha Flight issue #7
Holly Thorne Holly Thorne Journalist who became partner to Jim Ironheart 1991 novel Cold Fire -
Thoth Thoth Badass bird-headed Egyptian god who orchestrated his own birth c. 2400 BCE Pyramid Texts - -
Kara Thrace / Starbuck Kara Thrace Somewhat unstable pilot in later Colonial Fleet; became "angel" 2003 TV miniseries Battlestar Galactica -
Mitth'raw'nuruodo / Thrawn Thrawn Chiss Grand Admiral in the Imperial Fleet 1991 novel series Star Wars Heir to the Empire
Guybrush Threepwood Guybrush Threepwood Unlikely pirate hero of the Tri-Island Area 1990 video game The Secret of Monkey Island -
Thulsa Doom Thulsa Doom Atlantean sorcerer in ancient times and enemy of Kull and Conan 1967 short story King Kull anthology "The Cat and the Skull"
Thumper Thumper (rabbit) Bambi's rabbit friend who could move his feet rapidly 1923 novel Bambi, a Life in the Forest - 45
John "Johnny" Thunder Johnny Thunder Goofy guy partnered with the djinn Yz 1940 comic series Flash Comics issue #1
Thundra Thundra Warrior leader of matriarchal world Femizonia 1972 comic series Fantastic Four issue #129
Thundurus Thundurus Legendary Kami Pokémon of lightning; also in snake/dragon-like Forme 2010 video game series Pokémon (46) Black Version (47) and White Version (48)
Nathan Thurm Nathan Thurm Chain-smoking sleazy Canadian spokesman 1984 sketch TV series SCTV -
Neena Thurman / Domino Neena Thurman Mutant mercenary turned hero with spot on her face and good luck 1992 comic series X-Force issue #8 49
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