Character Appendix Sp-Ss
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Samuel "Sam" Spade Sam Spade Very hard-boiled detective in San Francisco; once partnered to Miles Archer 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon -
Spain / España Spain (Tan) Personification of the nation of Spain resembling a teenage boy 2008 comic series (manga) Axis Powers: Hetalia Volume 1
Jessica "Jessie" Spano Jessie Spano Girl with a go-get-em attitude and friend/victim of Zack Morris 1989 TV series Saved by the Bell episode "Dancing to the Max"
Wilson "Sparky" Sparkolomew Wilson Sparkolomew Mechanic and buddy of Speed Mifune 1966 comic series (manga) Mach GoGoGo Chapter 1 1
Jodene Sparks Jodene Sparks Sealab communications expert, grand manipulator, and lazy sitter 2000 "animated" TV series Sealab 2021 episode "Radio Free Sealab" 2
Jack Sparrow Jack Sparrow Legendary drunken captain of supernatural endeavors 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl -
Roxanne "Roxy" Spaulding/ Freefall Roxy Spaulding Founding Gen13 member; gravity powers 1994 comic one-shot Deathmate Black -
Aztar / The Spectre The Spectre (Aztar) Angel of vengeance forced to bond with human hosts 1940 comic series More Fun Comics issue #52
Britney Spears Britney Spears Pop musician peaking in early 2000s; performed "Oops" song N/A - - -
Speed Buggy Speed Buggy Living sapient speed buggy with uninteresting name and speech impediment 1973 animated TV series Speed Buggy episode "Speed Buggy Went That-a-Way"
Ambrose Spellman Ambrose Spellman Sabrina Spellman's cool cousin 1969 comic series Archie's TV Laugh-Out issue #1
Hildegard "Hilda" Spellman Hilda Spellman Sabrina Spellman's goofier and funner aunt 1962 comic series Archie's Mad House issue #19 3
Sabrina Spellman Sabrina Spellman Sorceress who learned she was a teenage witch 1962 comic series Archie's Mad House issue #22
Zerelda "Zelda" Spellman Zelda Spellman Sabrina's more serious and dangerous aunt 1968 medium Archie's Mad House issue #65
Katherine "Kate" Spencer / Manhunter Kate Spencer Lawyer, and Darkstar suit-clad mutant vigilante superhero, and mom 2004 comic series Manhunter issue #1
Mary Anne Spencer Bartokomous Mary Anne Spencer Ditzy flight attendant; girlfriend/wife of Balki Bartokomous 1986 TV series Perfect Strangers episode "Hunks Like Us"
Ramsey Robinson Spencer / Manhunter Ramsey Spencer Kate Spencer's gay mutant son and successor as Manhunter 2004 comic series Manhunter issue #4 4
Shawn Spencer Shawn Spencer Genius con artist working as psychic detective 2006 TV series Psych pilot episode
Egon Spengler Egon Spengler Supergenius original Ghostbuster and engineer 1984 film Ghostbusters -
Spike Spiegel Spike Spiegel Tall, skinny leader of Bebop bounty hunters with a dark past 1998 animated TV series Cowboy Bebop episode "Asteroid Blues"
Spike Spike (stegosaurus) Infant stegosaurus found by Littlefoot and friends 1988 animated film The Land Before Time -
Ashley Spinelli Ashley Spinelli Tomboy and bruiser in T.J. Detweiler's group 1997 animated TV series Recess episode "The Break-In"
Connie Spivey / Concierge Connie Spivey Logistics expert and Awesomes member 2013 animated online series The Awesomes pilot episode 5
Splinter Splinter Mutated rat martial artist and father of the Ninja Turtles 1984 comic series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue #1
Spock Spock Legendary Vulcan scientist, diplomat, and Starfleet officer 1966 TV series Star Trek episode "The Man Trap"
Connie Springer Connie Springer Short kind of dumb member of 104th cadet and scout corps 2009 comic series (manga) Attack on Titan chapter "That Day"
Heidi Springfield / Hyena Heidi Springfield Cyborg mercenary psychopath Pack member; attracted to robots 1994 animated TV series Gargoyles episode "The Thrill of the Hunt" 6
Jakob Springfield / Jackal Jakob Springfield Cyborg mercenary psychopath Pack member; wannabe death god 1994 animated TV series Gargoyles episode "The Thrill of the Hunt" 7
Arthur "Spud" Spudinski Arthur Spudinski Jake Long's laid back best friend 2005 animated TV series American Dragon: Jake Long episode "Old School Training"
Elmo Sputterspark / Megavolt Elmo Sputterspark Electric-powered supervillain rat; enemy of Darkwing Duck 1991 animated TV series Darkwing Duck episode "Duck Blind" 8
Spyro Spyro the Dragon Little purple dragon with a heroic destiny 1998 video game Spyro the Dragon -
Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob Squarepants Sponge person with great enthusiasm 1999 animated TV series Spongebob Squarepants episode "Help Wanted"
Andrew "Squiggy" Squiggman Andrew Squiggman Really annoying greaser in late 1950s; partner of Lenny Kosnowski 1976 TV series Laverne DeFazio & Shirley Feeney episode "The Society Party" 9
Conker The Squirrel Conker The Squirrel Alcoholic Toon squirrel who fought poop and the like 1997 video game Diddy Kong Racing -
Rocket "Rocky" Squirrel Rocky Squirrel Best friend of Bullwinkle and literally flying squirrel with high-pitched voice 1959 animated TV series Rocky & His Friends episode "Jet Fuel Formula"
Scaredy Squirrel Scaredy Squirrel Squirrel with severe anxiety 2006 picture book Scaredy Squirrel -
Secret Squirrel Secret Squirrel Squirrel espionage agent 1965 animated TV special The World of Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel -
Skippy Squirrel Skippy Squirrel Enthusiastic great nephew of Slappy Squirrel 1993 animated TV series Animaniacs episode segment "The Monkey Song"
Slappy Squirrel Slappy Squirrel Geriatric squirrel and retired comedy actor 1993 animated TV series Animaniacs episode segment "The Monkey Song"
Squirtle Red's Squirtle Red Ketchum's onetime Squirtle; wore cool shades 1997 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon (10) episode "Enter the Zenigame Squad!" (11)
Squit Squit Wide-eyed Goodfeather pigeon 1993 animated TV series Animaniacs episode segment "The Monkey Song"
Ssard Ssard Ice Warrior companion of 8th Doctor; married human Stacy Townsend 1996 comic strip story Radio Times magazine "Descendance"
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