Character Appendix Rom-Roz
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Rom Rom (Spaceknight) Legendary armored defender of Galador 1979 comic series Rom: Spaceknight issue #1
Rom Rom (Ferengi) Quark's younger brother, engineer, and later reformist Grand Nagus 1993 TV series Star Trek:Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary" 1
Roma Roma (daughter of Merlin) Powerful Fey mage; ally of Captain Britain Corps & X-Men 1976 comic series Captain Britain issue #1
Richard "Ricky" Roma Ricky Roma Ruthless real estate salesman and closer 1982 stage play Glengarry Glen Ross -
Graciela Roman / Scorcher - Fire-powered H'San Natall/human; member of Dark Nemesis 1997 comic series Teen Titans issue #7 2
Rome / Roman Empire Roman Empire (Tan) Personification of the Roman Empire; resembles handsome young man 2008 comic series (manga) Axis Powers: Hetalia Volume 1
Romanadvoratrelundar / Romana Romana (Time Lord) Time Lady companion of the 4th Doctor and later president of Gallifrey 1978 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Ribos Operation" Part One 3
Anastasia Romanova Anastasia Romanova Murdered Russian princess; wandering soul after death N/A - - -
Natalia "Natasha" Romanova / Black Widow Natasha Romanova Long-lived Soviet spy turned Avenger 1964 comic series Tales of Suspense issue #52 4
Romulus Romulus of Rome Co-founder of Rome; murderer of brother Remus c. 200 BCE Roman religious writings - - 5
Romulus Augustulus / Tyrannus Romulus Augustulus Late Roman Emperor turned immortal underground supervillain N/A - - - 6
Ronan the Accuser Ronan the Accuser High-ranking Kree adjudicator; sometimes supervillain 1967 comic series Fantastic Four issue #65
Roo Roo (toy) Animated stuffed kangaroo joey 1926 children's book Winnie-the-Pooh -
Franklin Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt U.S. President during Great Depression and World War II N/A - - -
Roy Rooster Roy Rooster Obnoxiously loud rooster on U.S. Acres farm 1986 comic strip U.S. Acres -
Helen Joyce Roper Helen Roper Horny housewife in late 1970s; involved with raunchy trio of youths 1977 TV series Three's Company episode "Man About the House" 7
Stanley Roper Stanley Roper First landlord of raunchy trio of youths; often curmudgeony 1977 TV series Three's Company episode "Man About the House"
Rope Snake / Snake Rope Rope Snake Snake friend of Duster and Lucas; helped cross pits 2006 video game Mother 3 -
Mick Rory / Heat Wave Mick Rory Pyromaniac enemy of the Flash; reluctantly heroic Legend of Tomorrow 1963 comic series The Flash issue #140
Rosalina Rosalina Ascended Shrem goddess and "mama" of the Lumas 2007 video game Super Mario Galaxy - 8
Alexis Rose Alexis Rose Spoiled daughter of wealthy family exiled to Schitt's Creek 2015 TV series Schitt's Creek episode "Our Cup Runneth Over"
Amy Rose / Rosy the Rascal Amy Rose Pink hedgehog with a hammer; Sonic's stalker 1993 video game Sonic the Hedgehog CD - 9
David Rose David Rose Spoiled son of wealthy family exiled to Schitt's Creek; pansexual 2015 TV series Schitt's Creek episode "Our Cup Runneth Over"
Drew Rose Drew Rose Hoenni boy and Pokémon coordinator; rival/love interest to May Pulaski 2003 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon: Advanced Generation (10) episode "A Rival for Haruka! Intensive Pokémon Contest Training!" (11) 12
Jonathan "Johnny" Rose Johnny Rose Wealthy businessman exiled to Schitt's Creek; became motel guru 2015 TV series Schitt's Creek episode "Our Cup Runneth Over"
Moira O'Hara Rose Moira Rose Oddly accented actress exiled to Schitt's Creek; had important wigs 2015 TV series Schitt's Creek episode "Our Cup Runneth Over" 13
Willow Rosenberg Willow Rosenberg Witch friend of Buffy Summers 1997 TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Welcome to Hellmouth"
Tamara Rosenblatt / Astra Tamara Rosenblatt Mutant teleporter, founding member of Brotherhood, Magneto cloner 1999 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #366 14
Bernadette "Bernie" Rosenthal Bernie Rosenthal Onetime girlfriend of Steve Rogers; successful lawyer 1980 comic series Captain America issue #247
William "Billy" Rosewood Billy Rosewood Partner of Beverly Hills police officer Axel Foley 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop -
Rosie Rosie (robot) The Jetsons' robot maid; somewhat sassy 1962 animated TV series The Jetsons episode "Rosey the Robot"
Laura Roslin Laura Roslin Secretary of Education who became president of the Colonies after holocaust 2003 TV miniseries Battlestar Galactica -
Ross Ross of Renais Axe-wielding kid from Renais; son of Garcia 2004 video game Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones
Douglas "Doug" Ross Doug Ross Chicago ER pediatrician; romanced Carol Hathaway 1994 TV series ER episode "24 Hours"
Elizabeth "Betty" / "Betsy" Ross / Golden Girl Betsy Ross (Golden Girl) FBI agent ally of Captains America; later Jeff Mace's heroic partner 1940 comic series Captain America Comics issue #1
Elizabeth "Betty" Ross / Red She-Hulk/ Harpy Betty Ross Bruce Banner's love interest; sometimes transformed 1962 comic series Incredible Hulk issue #1 15
Glen van Ross Glen Ross Admiral during the Chig War; captain of Saratoga 1995 TV series Space: Above and Beyond episode "The Farthest Man from Home"
Peter "Pete" Ross Pete Ross Childhood best friend of Clark Kent; later in loveless marriage 1961 comic series Superboy issue #86
Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross / Red Hulk Thunderbolt Ross Reactionary American general who hated the Hulk then became a red Hulk 1962 comic series Incredible Hulk issue #1 16
William "Bill" Ross Bill Ross Starfleet admiral who oversaw DS9 during Dominion War 1997 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "A Time to Stand" 17
Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich / Omega Red Arkady Rossovich Soviet-era mutant weapon with deadly tentacles 1992 comic series X-Men issue #4
Rachel Roth / Raven Rachel Roth Spooky telepathic half-demon superhero often on the edge; Titans member 1980 comic series DC Comics Presents issue #26 18
Stan Rothenstein - Bill Gambini's best friend and co-defendant; exonerated 1992 film My Cousin Vinny -
Albert "Al" Rothstein / Atom-Smasher / Nuklon Al Rothstein Infinity Inc. founder and size-shifter; godson of Al Pratt 1983 comic series All-Star Squadron issue #25 19
Rouge the Bat Rouge the Bat Bat thief and femme fatale 2001 video game Sonic Adventure 2 -
Rowan Rowan of Aytolis Twin boy ruler of Aytolis; met Emblematic warriors 2017 video game Fire Emblem Warriors - 20
Drayden Rowan Drayden Rowan Co-gym leader of Opelucid City; dragon trainer; hidden mouth 2010 video game series Pokémon (21) Black Version (22) and White Version (23) 24
Iris Rowan Iris Rowan Dragon-trainer gym leader from Opelucid City; big hair; later Unova champion 2010 video game series Pokémon (25) Black Version (26) and White Version (27) 28
Karl Rowan Karl Rowan Sinnoh Pokémon professor and curmudgeon 2006 video game series Pokémon (29) Diamond Version (30) and Pearl Version (31) 32
Rosalie "Ro" Rowan Rosalie Rowan Orphan girl and human best friend of Zeta 2001 animated TV series The Zeta Project episode "The Accomplice"
Rowlf the Dog Rowlf the Dog Piano-playing Muppet dog 1962 TV commercials for Purina Dog Chow -
Zap Rowsdower Zap Rowsdower Overweight Canadian "hero" with former ties to cults 1990 film The Final Sacrifice -
Homika Roxie Homika Roxie Virbank City gym with Poison focus; rock singer 2012 video game series Pokémon (33) Black 2 Version (34) and White 2 Version (35) 36
Roy Roy of Lycia Lycian prince who led war against Bern; Smash Brother 2001 video game series Super Smash Bros. Melee 37
Alexander Rozhenko Alexander Rozhenko Part-human, oft abandoned, son of Worf 1990 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Reunion"
Carla Rozzi Carla Rozzi Female member of Kidd Video; lost in Flipside 1984 animated/live-action TV series Kidd Video episode "To Beat the Band" 38
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