Character Appendix Pr-Pz
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Albert "Al" Pratt / The Atom Al Pratt Little person strongman and 1940s superhero 1940 comic series All-American Comics issue #19
William Pratt / Spike William Pratt British Vampire rapist and ally of Buffy Summers 1997 TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "School Hard"
Ford Prefect / Ix Ford Prefect Space hitchhiker; buddy of sim Earth survivor Arthur Dent 1978 radio serial The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -
Elvis Presley / The King Elvis Presley 1950s/1960s rock and roll star and legend; important hips N/A - - -
William "Bill" S. Preston, Esq. Bill Preston Stoner, savior, and partner of Ted Logan 1989 film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure -
Joanna Preston Joanna Preston 15th century English noblewoman and later Bill Preston's wife 1989 film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - 1
Soon-Yi Previn Soon-Yi Previn Mira Farrow's daughter and Woody Allen's wife N/A - - -
Frances "Fanny" Price Fanny Price 19th century English girl sent to live with rich relatives in Mansfield Park 1814 novel Mansfield Park -
Elijah Price / Mr. Glass Elijah Price Comics fan with weak bones who purposely became supervillain 200 film Unbreakable -
Prickle Prickle Yellow Golem lizard fussbudget 1964 stop-motion animated TV series Gumby segment "The Reluctant Gargoyles"
William Priest William Priest Old white post-Civil War Southern judge; only kind of racist 1911 short story The Saturday Evening Post "Words and Music"
Primeape Red's Primeape Angry Primeape who became a champion in the care of Red Ketchum 1997 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon (2) episode "Don't Get Angry, Okorizaru!" (3)
Lorelei Prima Lorelei Prima Kanto Elite Four member with Ice-type theme; Orange Islander 1996 video game series Pokémon (4) Red Version (5) and Green Version (6) 7
Primal Prime - Matrix of Leadership empowered Optimus Primal pseudo-clone 2001 comic special Primeval Dawn Part 1
Primus of Cybertron Primus of Cybertron One of two founders of Cybertron's society and god-figure of the Autobots 1988 comic series The Transformers issue #146
Morgan Primus / Morgan Lefler Morgan Primus Immortal jerk mother of Robin Lefler 1998 novel series Star Trek: New Frontier Fire on High
Martin Prince Martin Prince Strange genius child at Springfield Elementary School 1990 animated TV series The Simpsons episode "Bart the Genius"
Rutherford Princeton III / Centennial Rutherford Princeton Afro-Canadian policeman who joined Alpha Flight in his 90s 2004 comic series Alpha Flight issue #1
Victor Prinzim / Captain Chaos Victor Prinzim Con artist partner of J.J. McClure; crazy "superhero" 1981 film The Cannonball Run -
Janos Prohaska / Blackhawk Janos Prohaska Polish fighter pilot and leader of Blackhawk Squadron 1941 comic series Military Comics issue #1 8
Prometheus Prometheus (Titan) Titan who brought some people fire and got punished c. 700 BCE history (work) Hesiod's Theogony (9) - 10
Ship / Professor / Prosh Prosh A.I. on Celestial ship who became protector of Nathan Summers 1988 comic series X-Factor issue #24 11
Proto Man Proto Man Prototype robot created by Thomas Light; Mega Man ally 1990 video game Mega Man 3 -
Oscar Proud Oscar Proud Penny Proud's embarrassing dad 2001 animated TV series The Proud Family episode "Bring It On"
Penny Proud Penny Proud Adolescent African American girl in early 2000s; best friend of Dijonay 2001 animated TV series The Proud Family episode "Bring It On"
Suga Mama Proud Suga Mama Proud Penny Proud's abrasive grandmother 2001 animated TV series The Proud Family episode "Bring It On"
Trudy Parker Proud Trudy Proud Penny Proud's mom 2001 animated TV series The Proud Family episode "Bring It On"
James "Jimmy" Proudstar / Warpath / Thunderbird James Proudstar Apache mutant hero motivated by his dead brother 1984 comic series New Mutants issue #16 12
John Proudstar / Thunderbird John Proudstar Angry Apache mutant hero killed on his second mission with X-Men 1975 comic series Giant-Size X-Men issue #1
Paul "Paulie" Provenzano Paulie Provenzano Invulnerable Italian-American mutant and interim X-Man 2001 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #392
Miles "Tails" Prower Tails Prower Two-tailed fox best friend of Sonic; engineering genius 1992 video game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 -
Prowl Prowl (Autobot) Police car-like Autobot 1984 animated TV series The Transformers episode "More Than Meets the Eye" Part 1 13
Prussia / Teutonic Knights / East Germany Prussia (Tan) Teen-like embodiment of nation-state of Prussia 2008 comic series (manga) Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
Colin Pryce Colin Pryce Curmudgeony gym leader of Mahogany Town 1999 video game series Pokémon Gold Version and Silver Version 14
Majenta Pryce Majenta Pryce Hotelier turned 10th Doctor companion 2008 comic strip story Doctor Who Magazine issue #394 story "Hotel Historia"
Katherine "Kitty" Pryde / Shadowcat / Ariel / Sprite Kitty Pryde Genius X-Man with phasing powers; Excalibur member; first 2nd gen 1980 comic series X-Men issue #129 15
Hester Hawthorne Prynne Hester Prynne Puritan woman who was forced to wear a scarlet letter 1850 novel The Scarlet Letter - 16
Madelyne Pryor / Goblyn Queen Madelyne Pryor Clone of Jean Grey; turned into demonic queen 1983 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #168 17
Prysm / Audrey Spears Prysm H'San Natall/Human hybrid with colorful skin; naked Teen Titan girl 1996 comic series (anime) Teen Titans issue #1
Psycho-Man Psycho-Man Microverse tyrant with psyche-manipulating tech; Fantastic Four enemy 1967 comic series annual Fantastic Four Annual issue #5
Psyduck Misty's Psyduck Misty's Psyduck; dumb and mostly useless; headache enhanced powers 1997 animated TV series Pokémon (18) episode "Sleeper and Pokémon Hypnotism!?" (19)
Meggan Puceanu Braddock Meggan Puceanu Elfin mutant shape-shifter; Captain Britain's wife and Excalibur founder 1983 comic series Might World of Marvel issue #7 20
Puck / Owen Burnett / Robin Goodfellow Puck (Fey) Trickster and associate of Oberon and Titania; David Xanatos's right hand c. 1593 stage play A Midsummer Night's Dream - 21
Andrew Pulaski / Apollo Andrew Pulaski Solar-powered superman; lover of Midnighter; Authority member 1998 comic series Stormwatch issue #4
Katherine "Kate" Pulaski Kate Pulaski Curmudgeony doctor on Enterprise during Crusher's absence 1988 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Child"
Maxwell "Max" Pulaski Max Pulaski May's know-it-all little brother; loved Jirachi 2002 animated TV series Pokémon (22) episode "Touka Gym! Vs. Yarukimono!" (23) 24
May Pulaski May Pulaski Hoenni Pokédex holder and daughter of gym leader Norman 2002 video game series Pokémon (25) Ruby Version (26) and Sapphire Version (27) 28
Norman Pulaski Norman Pulaski Normal-focused gym leader of Petalburg City; May and Max's dad 2002 video game series Pokémon (29) Ruby Version (30) and Sapphire Version (31) 32
Pumbaa Pumbaa Gastronomically-distressed warthog partner of Timon 1994 animated film The Lion King -
Pumyra Pumyra Another woman Thundercat; part of Lynx-O's group 1986 animated TV series Thundercats episode "Thundercats, HO!" Part I
Rol Schnappin Purtha / Dream Boy Rol Purtha Male Naltorian precognitive; Legion of Super-Villains member 2006 comic series Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes issue #18 33
Puss in Boots Puss in Boots Clever cat who wore shoes c. 1550 short story anthology The Facetious Nights of Straparola "Constantino Fortunato"
Henrietta Pussycat Henrietta Pussycat Neighborhood of Make-Believe resident; cat neighbor of an owl c. 1954 TV series The Children's Corner -
Penelope Pussycat Penelope Pussycat Neurotic cat frequently assaulted by predator skunk 1949 animated short film series Looney Tunes For Scent-imental Reasons 34
Sylvester Pussycat Sylvester Pussycat Lisping Toon black cat who chased mice, birds, and kangaroos 1945 animated short film series Merrie Melodies Life with Feathers 35
Sylvester Pussycat Jr. Sylvester Pussycat Jr. Son of Sylvester; often goaded father 1950 animated short film series Looney Tunes Pop 'Im Pop
Pwyll Pwyll Prince of Dyfed and husband of goddess Rhiannon c. 1350 poem? the Mabinogion -
Alden Pyle Alden Pyle Young idealistic CIA agent & interventionist in 1950s Indochina 1955 novel The Quiet American -
Gomer Pyle Gomer Pyle Kind mechanic in Mayberry; also Marine 1962 TV series The Andy Griffith Show episode "The Bank Job"
Henry "Hank" Pym / Ant-Man / Giant-Man / Goliath / Yellowjacket / Wasp Hank Pym Founding Avenger with size-changing powers; genius inventor 1962 comic series Tales to Astonish issue #27 36
Pyornkrachzark Pyornkrachzark Fantasian Rock-Biter of note 1979 novel The Neverending Story (37) -
Candi Pyponte-LeParc III / Monstress Candi Pyponte-LeParc Girl turned into a Khund-like behemoth and Legionnaire 1996 comic series Legion of Super-Heroes issue #82 38
Pyra Pyra (Blade) Fire elemental Blade connected to Rex 2017 video game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 -
Python Python of Zofia Surly archer member of Deliverance; Forsyth's best friend 1992 video game series Fire Emblem (39) Gaiden (40)
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