Character Appendix Pf-Pl


No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Phillie Phanatic Phillie Phanatic Large green monster who worked as mascot for Philadelphia Phillies 1978 TV series Captain Noah and His Magical Ark -
Kit Walker/ The Phantom The Phantom White hero of Bangalla who perpetually reincarnated into his descendants 1934 comic strip The Phantom -
Danielle "Dani" Phantom Dani Phantom Reformed female clone of Danny Fenton 2006 animated TV series Danny Phantom episode "Kindred Spirits"
Phantom Blot Phantom Blot Evil ink monster; member of F.O.W.L.; enemy of Mickey Mouse 1939 comic strip Mickey Mouse story "Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot"
Phantom Stranger Phantom Stranger Mysterious wandering mystic man tangentially connected to heroes 1952 comic series Phantom Stranger issue #1
Philip Philip (Aurora's beau) Noble who awoke Aurora with a kiss 1697 short story "The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood" (1) - 2
Denny Philips Denny Philips Weird youth attached to creepy long-haired man 2003 film The Room - 3
Cameron Phillips Cameron Phillips Reprogrammed Terminator cyborg resembling young woman 2007 TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode
Duke Scabies Phillips Duke Phillips Rich television producer for Coming Attractions 1994 animated TV series The Critic pilot episode 4
Ethyl Hinkelman Phillips Ethyl Phillips Fran Sinclair's elderly mother; sassy 1991 TV series Dinosaurs episode "Hurling Day"
Patience Phillips/ Catwoman Patience Phillips Meek woman turned into alternative Catwoman 2004 film Catwoman -
Ellie Phimister/ Negasonic Teenage Warhead Ellie Phimister X-Men member who exploded forward; goth 2001 comic series New X-Men issue #115
Phlox Phlox Denobulan physician who served with Starfleet during its early years 2001 TV series Enterprise episode "Broken Bow"
Phoebe Phoebe (Weird Sister) Sister of Seline and Luna; Fey Weird Sister 1587 history (work) Holinshed's Chronicles - 5
Phoenix Force Phoenix Force Cosmic principality and avatar of Life who dies and rises again 1976 comic series X-Men issue #101
Paul Phoenix Paul Phoenix American original Tekken competitor 1994 arcade video game Tekken -
Phosphora Phosphora Electric servant of Viridi 2012 video game Kid Icarus: Uprising -
Phyla-Vell / Captain Marvel / Quasar / Martyr Phyla-Vell Constructed daughter of Elysius & Mar-Vell; hero with various legacy roles 2003 comic series Captain Marvel issue #16 6
Jean-Luc Picard Jean-Luc Picard Famed Starfleet captain of two Enterprises and renowned diplomat 1987 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Encounter at Farpoint"
Angelica Pickles Angelica Pickles One time abusive toddler to cousin Tommy Pickles and friends 1991 animated TV series Rugrats episode "Tommy's First Birthday"
Dylan "Dil" Pickles Dil Pickles Younger brother of ugly baby Tommy Pickles; also an ugly baby 1998 animated film The Rugrats Movie -
Thomas "Tommy" Pickles Tommy Pickles Leader of group of infantile pseudo-intelligence; ugly baby 1991 animated TV series Rugrats episode "Tommy's First Birthday"
Pidgeotto / Pidgeot Red's Pidgeot Red Ketchum's Pidgeotto evolved to Pidgeot 1997 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon (7) episode "I Caught a Pokémon!" (8) 9
George Pie / Pimple George Pie Human turned into frog man; muscle of the Battletoads 1991 video game Battletoads -
Tweety Pie Tweety Pie Large headed canary provocateur 1942 animated short film A Tale of Two Kitties -
Pied Piper of Hameln Pied Piper of Hameln Mysterious flutist who controlled rats and children c. 1300 stained glass on a church in Hameln - -
Anissa Pierce / Thunder Anissa Pierce Mutant daughter of Black Lightning with density powers; Outsiders member 2003 comic series Outsiders issue #1
Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce Hawkeye Pierce Wise-cracking Korean War surgeon; emotional issues 1968 novel MASH: A Novel about Three Army Doctors -
Donald Pierce / White Rook Donald Pierce Anti-mutant cyborg; Hellfire Club & Reavers member 1980 comic series X-Men issue #129 10
Franklin Pierce Franklin Pierce United States president mid-1850s N/A - - -
Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning / Black Vulcan Jefferson Pierce African American teacher who got lightning powers 1977 comic series Black Lightning issue #1
Jennifer Pierce / Lightning Jennifer Pierce Daughter of Black Lightning with electric form 2008 comic series Justice Society of America issue #12
Blacky "Practical" Pig Blacky Pig Pig who built his house of brick 1842 short story Nursery Rhymes of England anthology "The Three Pigs" 11
Browny "Fifer" Pig Browny Pig Pig who built his house of straw 1842 short story Nursery Rhymes of England anthology "The Three Pigs" 12
Hamton Pig Hamton Pig Pig student at Acme Looniversity; clean freak 1990 animated TV series Tiny Toon Adventures episode "The Looney Beginning"
Orson Pig Orson Pig Male pig who lived on U.S. Acres farm; "mom" to a pair of chicks 1986 comic strip U.S. Acres -
Peppa Pig Peppa Pig English pig girl with a positive attitude 2004 animated TV series Peppa Pig episode "Muddy Puddles"
Petunia Pig Petunia Pig Porky Pig's longtime girlfriend 1937 animated short film series Looney Tunes Porky's Romance
Porky Pig Porky Pig Stuttering pig straight man 1935 animated short film series Merrie Melodies I Haven't Got a Hat
Whitey "Fiddler" Pig Whitey Pig Pig who built his house of wood 1842 short story Nursery Rhymes of England anthology "The Three Pigs" 13
Piglet Piglet (toy) Stuffed animated piglet filled with terror 1926 chapter book Winnie-the-Pooh -
Pika Chu Red's Pikachu Powerful Pikachu and Red Ketchum's first Pokémon 1997 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon (14) episode "Pokémon! I Choose You!" (15)
Christopher "Chris" McKinnies Prescott Pike Chris Pike Legendary Starfleet captain of Enterprise and Discovery; severely injured 1967 TV series Star Trek episode "The Menagerie" Part I 16
Scott Pilgrim Scott Pilgrim Canadian youth who had to fight Ramona Flowers's evil exes 2004 graphic novel Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life -
Pilot Pilot (Moya) Alien being connected to the cosmozoan bioship Moya 1999 TV series Farscape episode "Premiere"
Ammonia Pine Ammonia Pine FOWL agent with cleaning obsession 1991 animated TV series Darkwing Duck episode "In Like Blunt" 17
Rupert "Danny" Pink Danny Pink Teacher, ex-soldier, lover of Clara Oswald 2014 TV series Doctor Who episode "Into the Dalek" 18
Pinkanema "Pinkie" Pie Pinkie Pie Pink and energetic Equestrian pony; one of Mane Six 2003 direct-to-video animation My Little Pony A Charming Birthday
Pinky Pinky (ghost) Pink Pacman ghost 1980 arcade video game Pac-Man -
Pinky Pinky (mouse) Intelligent mouse who was relatively stupid; partner of the Brain 1993 animated TV series Animaniacs episode segment "The Monkey Song"
Pinocchio Pinocchio Puppet brought to life and earned the right to human form 1883 novel The Adventures of Pinocchio (19) -
Beatriz "Betty" Pinzón Solano Betty Pinzón Not conventionally attractive Colombian go-getter in fashion circles 1999 TV series (telenovela) I Am Betty, the Ugly (20) Capitulo 1
Tio Pio / Uncle Pio Tio Pio Colonial era Peruvian man; la Perichole's guardian|1927 novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey -
Mark Piper Mark Piper Somewhat senile CMO on Enterprise before McCoy; murdered 1966 TV series Star Trek episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
Pipit Pipit Go-getter older friend of Link's at Skyloft Academy 2011 video game series The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Lucky Piquel Lucky Piquel Extremely obese human cop with some Toon attributes; Bonkers's partner 1993 animated TV series Bonkers episode "Going Bonkers"
Pirlouit Pirlouit Little person and best friend of squire boy Johan; Smurfs ally 1954 comic strip Johan and Pirlouit (21) -
Philip "Pip" Pirrip Philip Pirrip Early 19th century English orphan with a rich benefactor 1860 novel Great Expectations -
Pit Pit (angel) Palutena's angel boy champion 1986 video game Mythology of Light: Palutena's Mirror (22) -
Daniel Plainview Daniel Plainview Early 20th century oilman; unscrupulous 2007 film There Will Be Blood -
Plan Suwan / Jade Claw Plan Suwan Niece and later successor to the Golden Claw 1956 comic series Yellow Claw issue #1 23
Plan Tzu / Golden Claw / Yellow Claw Plan Tzu Faux Chinese supervillain; leader of Atlas Foundation during 20th century 1956 comic series Yellow Claw issue #1 24
Sheldon Plankton Sheldon Plankton Tiny restaurateur rival to the Krabshack; acted like a supervillain 1999 animated TV series Spongebob Squarepants episode "Plankton!"
Platinum / "Tina" Platinum (Magnus) Platinum Metal Man; female form; romanced by Will Magnus 1962 comic series Showcase issue #37
Thaddeus Platt / Chief Thaddeus Platt Chief of CONTROL in 1960s 1965 TV series Get Smart episode "Mr. Big" 25
Luanne Platter Kleinschmidt Luanne Platter Peggy Hill's niece; often a trainwreck 1997 animated TV series King of the Hill pilot episode
Armand du Plessis / Cardinal Richelieu Armand du Plessis French clergyman and advisor; enemy of the Three Musketeers N/A - - -
Solomon David "Snake" Plissken Snake Plissken One-eyed mercenary who entered prison cities 1981 film Escape from New York - 26
Kevin Plunder / Ka-Zar Kevin Plunder Wealthy orphan jungle man in the Savage Land 1965 comic series X-Men issue #10 27
Pluto Pluto (dog) Mickey Mouse's dog 1930 animated short film series Mickey Mouse The Chain Gang 28
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