Character Appendix Oa-Ol


No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Gary "Blue" Oak Gary Oak Sometimes arrogant rival to Red Ketchum; champion and gym leader 1996 video game series Pokémon (1) Red Version (2) and Green Version (3) 4
Samson Oak Samson Oak Professor Samuel Oak's Kalosois cousin 2016 video game series Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version
Samuel Oak Samuel Oak Most prominent Pokémon professor in the world; inventor of Pokédex 1996 video game series Pokémon (5) Red Version (6) and Green Version (7) 8
Barack Obama Barack Obama U.S. president during 2010s; first Black president N/A - - -
Alice Obiefune Alice Obiefune Librarian companion of the 11th Doctor 2014 comic series Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor issue #1
Oboro Oboro of Hoshido Hoshidan mage; onetime retainer to Mikoto 2015 video game series Fire Emblem (9) If
Luke McDunnagh O'Brian / Offspring Luke O'Brian Son of Plastic Man; hero in his own right 1999 comic one-shot The Kingdom: Offspring issue #1
Patrick "Eel" O'Brian / Plastic Man Eel O'Brian Crook turned comedic and elastic superhero 1941 comic series Police Comics issue #1
Brian O'Brien / The Clock Brian O'Brien 1930s vigilante turned fascist 1936 comic series Funny Pages issue #6
Conan O'Brien Conan O'Brien White American talk show host and comedian; tall w/ red hair N/A medium - -
Gerald O'Brien Gerald O'Brien Right hand man to Big Brother; torturer 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four - 10
Keiko Ishikawa O'Brien Keiko O'Brien Civilian botanist in 24th century; Miles O'Brien's put-upon wife 1991 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Data's Day"
Kirayoshi "Yoshi" O'Brien Yoshi O'Brien Son of Keiko and Miles O'Brien 1997 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Begotten"
Miles O'Brien Miles O'Brien Starfleet enlisted engineer and family man; often went through hell 1987 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Encounter at Farpoint" 11
Molly O'Brien Molly O'Brien Daughter of Keiko and Miles O'Brien 1991 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Disaster" 12
Obsidian Obsidian (Vehicon) Onetime Autobot military leader turned Vehicon general; Strika's consort 2000 animated TV series Beast Machines: Transformers episode "The Strike"
Danny Ocean Danny Ocean Guy who led a group in pulling off a major heist of the Las Vegas casinos 1960 film Ocean's 11 -
Brian O'Conner Brian O'Conner Cop who infiltrated illegal racing and became illegal racer 2001 film The Fast and the Furious -
Burgundy O'Connor Burgundy O'Connor Pokémon sommelier; unhinged rival to Cilan Duffy 2011 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon: Best Wishes episode "A Sommelier Showdown! Ishizumai Vs. Futachimaru!" (13) 14
Otto Octavius/ Doctor Octopus/ Spider-Man Otto Octavius Mad scientist with mechanical set of four arms; Spider-Man foe 1963 comic series The Amazing Spider-Man issue #3 15
Clarence Odbody Clarence Odbody Ghost who helped George Bailey in order to become an angel 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life -
Odette Odette (swan) Young woman cursed and turned into swan 1875 ballet Swan Lake (16) -
Odie Odie Long-tongued enthusiastic dog; best friend of Garfield 1976 comic strip Jon -
Odin Borson Odin Borson Norse king of the gods; forger of Mjolnir and father of Thor c. 600 attestation on jewelry Nordendorf Fibula - 17
Odo Odo Changeling (Founder) raised by Bajorans; security chief on DS9 1993 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary"
Shannon O'Donnell Shannon O'Donnell Late 20th century engineer; worked for shadowy government group 1999 TV series Star Trek: Voyager episode "11:59"
Wolf O'Donnell Wolf O'Donnell Lupine mercenary pilot, occasional ally of Andross 1997 video game Star Fox 64 -
Odysseus / Ulysses Odysseus Greek warrior king who took 10 years to get home to Ithaca c. 600 BCE epic poem The Iliad (18) - 19
Oe Kintaro Oe Kintaro Law school grad who became wandering horny do-gooder 1992 comic series (manga) Golden Boy - 20
Oedipus Oedipus Man w. destiny to kill father and marry mother; gouged out own eyes c. 500 BCE poems? Pindar's second Olympians ode -
Joan of Arc Joan of Arc (clone) Clone of Jeanne d'Arc who attended Clone High 2002 animated TV series Clone High episode "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand"
Alyssa Ogawa Alyssa Ogawa Nurse under Crusher and Ree on Enterprises and Titan 1991 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Clues"
Ogma Ogma Mercenary leader from Talys; member of Archanean League 1990 video game series Fire Emblem (21) Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (22)
Jenni Ognats / XS Jenni Ognats Speed Force-powered Legionnaire and Flash legacy 1994 comic series Legionnaires issue #0 23
Ōgon Bat / Golden Bat Ōgon Bat Golden skull-headed superhero from ancient Atlantis in 20th c. Japan 1931 kamishibai Ōgon Bat (24) -
Eric O'Grady / Ant-Man Eric O'Grady Jerk who stole shrinking suit; general dirtbag superhero 2006 comic series Civil War: Choosing Sides issue #1
Katie Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler Scarlett O'Hara Dramatic Southern belle in Reconstruction era 1936 novel Gone with the Wind -
Martin O'Hara / Exigius 12 1/2 Martin O'Hara Noswal alien stuck on Earth in the 1960s, lived with a human man 1963 TV series My Favorite Martian episode "My Favorite Martian" 25
Miguel O'Hara / Spider-Man Miguel O'Hara Spider-Man of 2099; fought Alchemax 1992 comic series Spider-Man 2099 issue #1
Shanna O'Hara Plunder / the She-Devil Shanna O'Hara Jungle woman with leopard pal; married Ka-Zar 1972 comic series Shanna the She-Devil issue #1 26
Tim O'Hara Tim O'Hara Journalist and adoptive nephew of the "Martian" Martin O'Hara 1963 TV series My Favorite Martian episode "My Favorite Martian"
Bucky O'Hare Bucky O'Hare Green rabbit captain of starship Righteous Indignation; fought in Toad Wars 1984 comic series Echo of Futurepast issue #1
Jonathan Ohnn / The Spot Jonathan Ohnn Kind of a loser Spider-Man foe; created teleportation discs 1984 comic series Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man issue #97
Oifey Oifey Young adjutant to Sigurd; guardian of Seliph 1996 video game series Fire Emblem (27) Genealogy of the Holy War (28)
Oin Oin Member of Thorin's Company; brother of Gloin and uncle of Gimli 1937 novel The Hobbit -
Daniel Okagawa Daniel Okagawa Starfleet captain of the SCE ship USS Lovell 2002 ebook novella series Star Trek: S.C.E. Foundations Book One
Okamura Hiro / Toyman Okamura Hiro Youthful genius inventor and heroic successor to villainous Toyman 2002 comic series Superman issue #178
Calvin O'Keefe Calvin O'Keefe Friend/ boyfriend/ husband/ co-adventurer of Meg Murry 1962 novel A Wrinkle in Time -
Olaf Olaf (snowman) Snowman brought to life by Elsa's power 2013 animated film Frozen -
Tora Olafsdottir / Ice / Icemaiden Tora Olafsdottir Ice-powered daughter of mystic Norwegian cult; superhero 1988 comic series Justice League International issue #18
Ben Olafson Ben Olafson White American farm boy who visited the Puzzle Place 1995 TV series The Puzzle Place episode "Tippy Woo"
Olimar Olimar Hocatati freighter captain and discoverer of the Pikmin and their world 2001 video game Pikmin -
Thomas "Tommy" Oliver / Green Ranger / White Ranger Tommy Oliver First villainous Power Ranger; reformed and became Ranger leader 1993 TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers episode "Green with Evil" Part 1
Olivia Olivia of Regna Ferox Shy Feroxi dancer and ally of Chrom 2012 video game series Fire Emblem (29) Awakening (30)
James "Jimmy" Olsen Jimmy Olsen Cub reporter/photojournalist at Daily Planet; Superman's pal 1940 radio serial The Adventures of Superman -
Sandra "Sandy" Olsson Sandy Olsson Australian girl in USA who changed herself due to boyfriend's toxic masculinity 1971 musical stage play Grease -
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