Character Appendix Ng-Nz
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Jade Nguyen / Cheshire Jade Nguyen Poison-themed Vietnamese supervillain 1983 comic series annual New Teen Titans Annual issue #2
Tina Nguyen Tina Nguyen Asian American girl into photography; member of Ghostwriter team 1992 TV series Ghostwriter episode "Ghost Story" Part 3
Lord Nibbler Lord Nibbler Small gluttonous monster; master manipulator; Leela's pet 1999 animated TV series Futurama episode "Love's Labours Lost in Space"
Joshua "Josh" Nichols Josh Nichols Smart awkward guy and best friend/stepbrother of Drake Parker 2004 TV series Drake & Josh pilot episode
Niels / Hairball / P-Cat the Penitent Puss Niels (cat) Cat empowered alongside Robbie Baldwin; bouncy 1988 comic miniseries Speedball issue #1
Agnes Tauber Nielsen Agnes Nielsen Daughter of Bartosz Tiedemann; first "Nielsen" from Winden time knot 2017 streaming TV series Dark episode "As You Sow, So You Shall Reap"
Magnus Nielsen Magnus Nielsen Oldest son of Katharina & Ulrich Nielsen; eventual servant of Adam 2017 TV series Dark episode "Secrets"
Martha Nielsen / Eva Martha Nielsen Child of multiple worlds; incarnations co-creator/destructor of Winden split 2017 TV series Dark episode "Secrets"
Mikkel Nielsen / Michael Kahnwald Mikkel Nielsen Boy lost in time to become Jonas Kahnwald's father and kill himself 2017 TV series Dark episode "Secrets"
Ulrich Nielsen Ulrich Nielsen Philandering cop with lost brother & son; crazed temporal refugee 2017 TV series Dark episode "Secrets"
Nightscream Nightscream Bat-like Maximal; only survivor of Megatron's virus 1999 animated TV series Beast Machines: Transformers episode "Forbidden Fruit"
Andreas Nikolas Andreas Nikolas Young, slightly smarmy security officer on USS Stargazer 2002 novel series Star Trek: Stargazer Gauntlet
Niles Niles of Nohr Devious retainer to Leo; pansexual 2015 video game series Fire Emblem (1) If 2
Nils Nils (manakete) Little brother of Ninian; piper and dragon 2003 video game series Fire Emblem (3) The Blazing Blade (4)
Norton Nimnul Norton Nimnul Diminutive mad scientist; enemy of the Rescue Rangers 1988 animated TV series Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers episode "Catteries Not Included" 5
Nimrod Nimrod (demigod) Great hunter demigod in ancient Mesopotamia c. 700 BCE religious text Book of Genesis (6) -
Nimrod Nimrod (Sentinel) Powerful anti-mutant sentinel from a potentiality; became part of Bastion 1985 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #191
Nimue / Lady of the Lake Nimue Nymph protector of the sword Excalibur c. 1220 cycle Lancelot-Grail Cycle - 7
Nina Nina (daughter of Niles) Daughter of Niles raised in Deeprealms; really into boys' love 2015 video game series Fire Emblem (8) If 9
Jahr-Drake Ningle / Shamblor the Undying / Blast Off Jahr-Drake Ningle Flying boy in Workforce; killed and resurrected as amused zombie 1997 comic series Legionnaires // issue #43 10
Ninian Ninian (manakete) Dancing dragon; lover of Eliwood and mother of Roy; lived in exile 2003 video game series Fire Emblem// (11) The Blazing Blade (12)
Sue-Ann Nivens Sue-Ann Nivens Saucy host of a homemaker show in 1970s Minneapolis 1973 TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "The Lars Affair"
Richard "Dick" Nixon Richard Nixon Disgraced 1970s U.S. president N/A - - -
Richard Nixon Richard Nixon (head) Psycho-cranial clone of 20th century U.S. president; werewolf? 1999 animated TV series Futurama episode "Space Pilot 3000"
N'Kano / Vibraxas N'Kano Wakandan hero with sonic powers; Fantastic Force member 1994 comic series Fantastic Four issue #391
Julius No Julius No Chinese scientist and prominent SPECTRE member 1958 novel series James Bond Dr. No
Noah Noah of Ilia One of Zelot's mercenaries; Fir's love interest 2002 video game series Fire Emblem (13) The Binding Blade (14)
Donna Noble Donna Noble 10th Doctor companion with great potential suppressed 2006 TV series Doctor Who episode "Doomsday" 15
Noctis Lucis Caelum Noctis Lucis Caelum Crown prince of Kingdom of Lucis 2016 video game Final Fantasy XV -
Nog Nog First Ferengi in Starfleet; skilled engineer and leader 1993 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary"
Heihachiro Nogura Heihachiro Nogura High-ranking Starfleet admiral and commander in chief in 2270s 1979 film novelization Star Trek: The Motion Picture -
Noh-Varr / Marvel Boy / Captain Marvel / Protector Noh-Varr Kree youth with complicated past and ultimately noble intent 2000 comic miniseries Marvel Boy issue #1 16
Noire Noire (daughter of Tharja) Slightly unhinged future daughter of Tharja 2012 video game series Fire Emblem (17) Awakening (18)
Nokkar Nokkar N'Kai solder who lived on Easter Island in preparation for invasion 1996 animated TV series Gargoyles episode "Sentinel"
Andrew "Andy" Nolan / Ferro Lad / Ferro Andy Nolan Legionnaire who could turn to metal; wore mask to hide face 1966 comic series Adventure Comics issue #346 19
Douglas "Dougie" Nolan / Ingot / Shrill Douglas Nolan Twin brother of Ferro; killed and resurrected; psychopathic 1967 comic series Adventure Comics issue #354 20
Nommo Badewa / Doctor Mist Nommo Badewa Ancient African mage and immortal superhero 1978 comic series Super Friends issue #12
Hedwing Nonnick/ Konk Hedwig Nonnick Xanthusian android with floating head; Uncanny Amazer 1996 comic series Legion of Super-Heroes issue #82 21
Thomas "Tommy" Nook Tommy Nook Timmy's twin; one of a pair of tanuki sons of Tom Nook 2001 video game Animal Forest (22) - 23
Timothy "Timmy" Nook Timmy Nook Tommy's twin; one of a pair of tanuki sons of Tom Nook 2001 video game Animal Forest (24) - 25
Tom Nook Tom Nook Tanuki and leading entrepreneur in Animal Crossing lands 2001 video game Animal Forest (26) - 27
Nobody No-One - Word Lord enemy of the Doctor 2005 audio drama series Doctor Who The Word Lord 28
Ilshu Nor / Beast Boy Ilshu Nor Hero of Lallor who could take animal forms; later Legionnaire 1964 comic series Adventure Comics issue #324
Christoph Nord / David North / Maverick / Agent Zero Christoph Nord Mutant mercenary; long-lived associate of Wolverine; semi-heroic 1991 comic series X-Men issue #5 29
Petra Nord Petra Nord X-Man from hidden team who could control rocks 2006 comic miniseries X-Men: Deadly Genesis issue #1 30
Lyle Norg / Invisible Kid Lyle Norg Legionnaire known for sneaking around; wore headband 1960 comic series Action Comics issue #267 31
Nori Nori (dwarf) Ori and Dori's brother; member of Thorin's Company 1937 novel The Hobbit -
Norne Norne of Altea Archer member of Altean army and early Marth ally 2008 video game Fire Emblem (32) Shadow Dragon (33)
Gilbert Norrell Gilbert Norrell Unpleasant English magician in the Napoleonic era 2004 novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell -
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Northern Cyprus (Tan) Personification of de facto nation of Northern Cyprus 2008 audio drama Hetalia (34): Axis Powers: The CD -
Edward "Ed" Norton Ed Norton Ralph Kramden's goofy best friend 1951 TV series Cavalcade of Stars sketch The Honeymooners: "The New Television Set"
Thelma "Trixie" Randolph Norton Trixie Norton Ed Norton's wife and Alice Kramden's best friend 1951 TV series Cavalcade of Stars sketch The Honeymooners: "The New Television Set" 35
Nosaka Miho Nosaka Miho Mostly nondescript friend of Téa Gardner 1996 comic series Yu-Gi-Oh! chapter "Duel Seven: The Face of Truth" (36)
Cassandra Nova Cassandra Nova Mummudrai female copy of Charles Xavier 2001 comic series New X-Men issue #114
Nowi Nowi Scantily-clad manakete of the Shepherds 2012 video game Fire Emblem (37) Awakening (38)
Duke Nukem Duke Nukem Disgruntled TV viewer turned hyper-masculine over-the-top antihero 1991 video game Duke Nukem -
Number One / Una Number One (Una) Mysterious logic-focused first officer under Pike and captain of Yorktown 1967 TV series Star Trek "The Menagerie" Part I 39
Nien Nunb Nien Nunb Sollustian Rebel member 1983 film Return of the Jedi -
Maria Nuñez Maria Nuñez 1950s Puerto Rican "Juliet" whose life was destroyed by gangs & racism 1957 musical stage play West Side Story -
En Sabah Nur/ Apocalypse En Sabah Nur Immortal mutant and Darwinist tyrant 1986 comic series X-Factor issue #5 40
Nyeun Chun Ti/ Persuader Nyeun Chun Ti Murderous supervillain who wielded Atomic Axe; Fatal Five member 1967 comic series Adventure Comics issue #352 41
Nyeun Lialla/ Blade Maiden Nyeun Lialla Daughter of the Persuader; wielded Atomic Axe in his memory 2004 comic series The Legion issue #35 42
Edward Nashton Nygma/ Riddler Edward Nygma Riddle-obsessed psychopath and Batman enemy 1948 comic series Detective Comics issue #140
Rose Kerklavoner Lindstrom Nylund Rose Nylund Sweet and dumb woman who lived with other older women in a house 1985 TV series The Golden Girls episode "The Engagement"
Jack Nynand Jack Nynand Human bioweapon who stalked the underwater city of Rapture 2007 video game BioShock -
Nyssa Nyssa of Traken Surviving Trakenite, companion of the 5th Doctor, and physician 1981 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Keeper of Traken" Part One
Nyx Nyx of Nohr Nohrian mage cursed with the form of a little girl 2015 video game Fire Emblem (43) If
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