Character Appendix Maa-Man


No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Mari Macabe / Vixen Mari Macabe Superhero of African origin who could access zoological personae 1981 comic series Action Comics issue #521
Macavity Macavity Sexiest and most malevolent Jellicle cat 1939 poetry Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats -
Morgana Macawber Morgana Macawber Duck sorceress, reformed villain, and Darkwing Duck love interest 1991 animated TV series Darkwing Duck episode "Fungus Amongus"
Macbeth mac Findleigh Macbeth Immortal early 11th century king of Scotland N/A - - -
William "Willie" MacDougal Willie MacDougal Scottish groundskeeper at Springfield Elementary School 1991 animated TV series The Simpsons episode "Principal Charming"
Jeffrey "Jeff" Mace / Patriot / Captain America Jeff Mace Third Captain America and otherwise patriotic WWII era hero 1941 comic series Human Torch Comics issue #4 1
Jason Macendale Jr. / Jack O'Lantern / Hobgoblin Jason Macendale Copycat glider-riding supervillain; sometimes with pumpkin mask 1981 comic series Machine Man issue #19 2
Akellen Macet Akellen Macet Cardassian gul with a beard; noble cousin of Skrain Dukat 1991 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Wounded" 3
Cole MacGrath Cole MacGrath Electric-powered mutant Conduit from Empire City 2009 video game inFamous -
Angus MacGyver Angus MacGyver Genius who could make anything out of spare parts 1985 TV series MacGyver pilot episode 4
Ken Mack / Mettle Ken Mack Metallic skinned Avengers Academy cadet 2010 comic series Avengers Academy issue #1
Victor "Vic" Mackey Vic Mackey Utterly corrupt L.A. police detective; murderous leader of Strike Team 2002 TV series The Shield pilot episode
Teon Macik / Primal Teon Macik Feral Ukrainian mutant; one of Hope's "Lights" 2010 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #529
April MacLean April MacLean Coal Hill Defender; shared heart with alien warlord 2016 TV series Class episode "For Tonight We Might Die"
Connor MacLeod Connor MacLeod Immortal Scottish warrior; late Game player 1986 film Highlander -
Duncan MacLeod Duncan MacLeod Another immortal Scottish warrior; ponytail 1992 TV series Highlander episode "The Gathering"
Beatrix "Trix" Macmillan / Patricia Pullman Trix Macmillan Con artist and 8th Doctor companion 2002 novel series Doctor Who Time Zero 5
Leon MacNeal Leon MacNeal African American visitor to the Puzzle Place 1995 TV series The Puzzle Place episode "Tippy Woo"
Regan MacNeil Regan MacNeil Girl who was possessed by obnoxious demon Pazuzu 1971 novel The Exorcist -
Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran / Titania Mary MacPherran Woman with low self-esteem who became enraged powerhouse 1984 comic miniseries Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars issue #3
Moira Kinross MacTaggert Moira MacTaggert Brilliant geneticist and ally of the X-Men; reincarnated? 1975 comic series X-Men issue #96 6
Mad Harriet Mad Harriet One of the Female Furies; acted crazy 1972 comic series Mister Miracle issue #6
John Madden John Madden Popular American football commentator with video game series N/A - - -
Arthur "Artie" Maddicks Artie Maddicks Mute mutant with telepathic visualization powers; X-Factor/X-Men/F.F. ally 1986 comic series X-Factor issue #2
Marla Madison Marla Madison Creator of 2nd generation of Spider-Slayers; later married Jonah Jameson 1976 comic series The Amazing Spider-Man issue #162
Oscar Madison Oscar Madison Slovenly divorcee who lived with fastidious best friend Felix Ungar 1965 stage play The Odd Couple -
James "Jamie" Madrox / Multiple Man Jamie Madrox Mutant hero with the ability to self-replicate 1975 comic series Giant-Size Fantastic Four issue #4
Mae Mae of Zofia Close childhood friend of Celica's; sassy mage 1992 video game series Fire Emblem Gaiden
Robert Bruce Banner / Maestro / Hulk The Maestro (Banner) Alternate future despotic Bruce Banner/Hulk 1992 comic one-shot Hulk: Future Imperfect issue #1
Magic Carpet Magic Carpet Magically animated rug with flying powers 1992 animated film Aladdin -
Giovanni "Jack" Magniconte / Mr. Magnificent/ All-American Jack Magniconte American football player turned superhero team leader in 1980s 1986 comic series Kickers, Inc. issue #1 7
Moses Magnum Moses Magnum Ethiopian supervillain who hated Japan 1975 comic book series Giant-Size Spider-Man issue #4
Thomas Magnum Thomas Magnum Smarmy private detective in Hawaii in 1980s with important mustache 1980 TV series Magnum P.I. episode "Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii"
Magnus Magnus (mercenary) Human mercenary and ally of Pit 2012 video game Kid Icarus: Uprising -
Magnus / The War Chief - Time Lord; worked with Warlords 1969 TV series Doctor Who "The War Games" Episode Three
William "Will" Magnus / Veridium Will Magnus Inventor of the Metal Men; for a time, a Metal Man 1962 comic series Showcase issue #37 8
Magolor Magolor Legless starship captain villain; later Kirby friend 2011 video game Kirby's Return to Dream Land -
Quincy Magoo Quincy Magoo Very elderly Toon man with poor vision 1949 animated short film The Ragtime Bear -
Magus Magus (Technarch) Ruler of Technarchy; father of Warlock 1984 comic series New Mutants issue #18
Dyrk Magz / Magno Dyrk Magz Nice Braalian boy Legionnaire who lost his powers 1996 comic series Legionnaires issue #43
Carey Mahoney Carey Mahoney Smarmy jerk and leader of Metro City Police cadets in 1984 1984 film Police Academy -
Patrick Maitland Patrick Maitland Tory mostly jerk who dated Sally Harper 2000 TV series Coupling episode "Flushed"
Raistlin Majere Raistlin Majere Surly antihero wizard and Hero of the Lance 1984 short story Dragon magazine "The test of the twins" 9
Majestros / Mr. Majestic Majestros Caped Kherubim powerhouse WildC.A.T.s member 1994 comic series WildC.A.T.s issue #11
Reed Richards / Maker Maker (Richards) Alternate version of Reed Richards who became psychopathic supervillain 2004 comic series Ultimate Fantastic Four issue #1 10
Malcolm III of Scotland / The Hunter Malcolm III of Scotland Scottish king and son of Duncan; first in line of Hunters - - - -
Ian Malcolm Ian Malcolm Chaos theorist often involved in dinosaur clone shenanigans 1990 novel Jurassic Park -
Dorium Maldovar Dorium Maldovar Obese blue criminal associate of the Doctor; head in a box 2011 TV series Doctor Who episode "A Good Man Goes to War"
Maleficent Maleficent Angry fairy who cursed Aurora 1697 story "The Beauty Sleeping in the Woods" - 11
Draco Malfoy Draco Malfoy Weaselly Slytherin rival of Harry Potter 1997 novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone -
Scorpius Malfoy Scorpius Malfoy Son of Draco; best friend and boyfriend of Albus Potter 2007 novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -
Drake Mallard / Darkwing Duck Drake Mallard St. Canard's duck vigilante superhero 1991 animated TV series Darkwing Duck episode "Darkly Dawns the Duck"
Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard Gosalyn Mallard Spirited orphan girl taken in by Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck 1991 animated TV series Darkwing Duck episode "Darkly Dawns the Duck"
Grev Mallor / Shroud Grev Mallor Talokian Legion of Super-Villains member; Tasmia's cousin 1966 comic series Adventure Comics issue #344 12
Lydea Mallor Lydea Mallor Daughter and killer of Lyrissa Mallor; L.E.G.I.O.N.naire after deprogramming 1982 comic series Legion of Super-Heroes issue #290
Lyrissa Mallor Lyrissa Mallor Talokian Planetary Champion; co-founder of L.E.G.I.O.N. 1989 comic miniseries Invasion! issue #2
Tasmia Mallor / Umbra / Shadow Lass Tasmia Mallor Planetary champion of Talok VIII, shadow wielder, and Legionnaire 1968 comic series Adventure Comics issue #365 13
Mallora Mallora (Xindi) Primary Xindi-Primate Councillor during Earth crisis of 2150s 2003 TV series Star Trek: Enterprise episode "The Xindi" 14
Pete Malloy Pete Malloy Veteran police officer in late 1960s L.A.; partner of Jim Reid 1968 TV series Adam-12 episode "Log 1: The Impossible Mission"
Katherine Malocchio / Hotwire / Metal Fella Katherine Malocchio Awesomes member and daughter of supervillain Malocchio 2013 animated online TV series The Awesomes premiere episode 15
Nomi Malone / Polly Ann Costello Nomi Malone Aspiring showgirl with a hair trigger 1995 film Showgirls -
Samuel "Sam" Malone Sam Malone Owner of Cheers bar; nymphomaniac 1982 TV series Cheers episode "Give Me a Ring Sometime"
Ralph Malph Ralph Malph Richie Cunningham's oddball friend 1974 TV series Happy Days episode "All the Way"
Manaphy Manaphy Mythical water sprite Pokémon that birthed Phiones 2006 video game series Pokémon Diamond Version and Pearl Version
Victor Mancha Victor Mancha Cyborg creation of Ultron; Runaways and Avengers member 2005 comic series Runaways issue #1
The Mandarin The Mandarin Mysterious Chinese supervillain who wielded ten power rings 1964 comic series Tales of Suspense issue #50
Harry "Bunny" Manders Bunny Manders A.J. Raffles's criminal partner and sex partner 1898 short story Cassell's Magazine "The Ides of March"
Leon Mandrake the Magician Leon Mandrake Stage magician and secret hero sorcerer 1934 comic strip Mandrake the Magician - 16
Miles Manheim / Mayhem Miles Manheim Ex-Adventure Team member turned xenophobic terrorist leader of VENOM 1985 animated TV series M.A.S.K. episode "The Deathstone" 17
Manic the Hedgehog Manic the Hedgehog Musician and alleged brother of Sonic the Hedgehog 1999 animated TV series Sonic Underground episode "Wedding Bell Blues"
Manitou Raven Manitou Raven Indigenous American mage from ancient times who joined Justice League 2002 comic series JLA issue #66
Mano Mano Angtusian terrorist with corrosive touch; Fatal Five member 1967 comic series Adventure Comics issue #352
Samantha "Sam" Manson Sam Manson Goth girl and best friend/girlfriend of Danny Phantom 2004 animated TV series Danny Phantom episode "Mystery Meat"
Miranda Mantega - Venezuelan woman killed in political clash; mother of Sofia 2003 comic series New Mutants issue #1
Sofia Mantega / Barrett / Wind Dancer Sofia Mantega Venezuelan mutant girl and wind manipulator; New Mutants member 2003 comic series New Mutants issue #1
Reginald "Reggie" Mantle Reggie Mantle Dark-haired rival to Archie Andrews 1942 comic series Jackpot Comics issue #5
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